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Writer + Editor, Digital Nomad, and Wildlife Conservation Advocate.

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Lover of southern hospitality, wildlife conservation, outdoor exploration, and joyfully vivacious words ... and, of course, the oxford comma.

Just a few of my most fervent passions are community building, leadership development and implementation, wildlife eduction/conservation, and curating tools and resources that encourage people to live out lifestyles that thrive on adventure and exploration. Here, you'll find a wealth of my original content pulled from a number of holistic categories all focused around what I care about most in life.

American Conservation Coalition
A 400 Year Old Sinking City's Battle With Sea Level Rise - American Conservation Coalition

I'll be completely honest: the details scare the living daylights out of me. A map projecting lost communities and landmarks from sea-level rise showed my neighborhood completely submerged if smart responses aren't implemented. This can be visualized full-force with the calculated impact on transportation in the area.

Ocean Conservancy
Is This Manta Ray Really Pink? - Ocean Conservancy

While freediving in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia's Lady Elliot Island, photographer Kristian Laine spotted something that at first took him aback. Was his camera malfunctioning? Somehow, some way, the belly of the manta ray he was seeing through the lens appeared to be a vivid pink color.

Ocean Conservancy
Iconic Species That Call the Everglades Home - Ocean Conservancy

While the natural beauty of Florida leaves me in awe in countless ways, one aspect of its natural glory tends to leave me speechless: the Everglades. From the graceful herons, cranes and egrets gliding through the slightly salty air to the calming vision of manatees making their way along coastal mangroves, there's just something about the wetlands of Florida-especially those protected from manmade development-that just seems to enable me to take a deep breath.

Ocean Conservancy
Could Orcas Love Their Grandmas as Much as We Do? - Ocean Conservancy

Grandmothers. The matriarchs of family units, our female elders are some of the most influential individuals in our lives, both as children and as we grow into our own in adulthood. Could this special dynamic be present in other species besides humans?

Ocean Conservancy
This Bizarre Fish Might Be Your New Favorite Animal - Ocean Conservancy

You may have seen them in the news before. Whether happened upon by scuba divers or spotted by fishermen, one big question always pops up about this fish: what is it? One of the most strikingly unique looking fish in the ocean, Mola mola (or sunfish) seem to spark an incomparable curiosity in people.

Ocean Conservancy
Wait...What's a Blue-Footed Booby? - Ocean Conservancy

While all seabirds are beautiful in their own right, I personally don't think any species out there compares to the unquestionable fabulousness of Sula nebouxii, or the blue-footed booby. Belonging to the order Suliformes, these creatures are cousins to pelicans, but have quite a few trademarks that make them fascinatingly unique and all the more lovable.

Ocean Conservancy
These Endangered Marine Animals Need Your Help - Ocean Conservancy

We all love the ocean and the incredibly diverse array of wildlife that grace its waters, but not many people may realize just how threatened many of our ocean's animals truly are. From whales and sea turtles to sharks and seals, there's an ocean of risk out there when it comes to these animal's ability to survive.

Ocean Conservancy
7 Wild Facts You May Not Know About Seahorses - Ocean Conservancy

Found in both tropical and temperate waters all across the globe, seahorses are arguably one of the most distinctive and charismatic marine wildlife species in existence. Ranging in length from over a foot to under one inch, there are more than 40 known species of these 'horses of the sea' recorded by scientists to date.

Ocean Conservancy
Why Quitting Plastic Cutlery Helps Save our Ocean - Ocean Conservancy

When it comes to ocean plastics, there are a number of images we paint within our minds. From plastic bottles and straws to food wrappers and single-use grocery bags, most of us are well aware that an ever-growing flood of garbage is entering our ocean on a daily basis.

Ocean Conservancy
Record-high Number of Species under Threat of Extinction - Ocean Conservancy

The Red List of Threatened Species, produced and managed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), is known globally as the world's most comprehensive catalog of the current conservation status of living species. This morning, the publication was updated to reflect the latest assessments of plant and animal species worldwide, including marine species, and the new numbers are shocking.

American Conservation Coalition
BREAKING: Save Our Seas Act Signed Into Law - American Conservation Coalition

This bill enables a handful of programming touch points to be implemented in this Administration's work. Firstly, it provides modifications to the Marine Debris Program that ensure the Department of State works with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to work toward global marine debris solutions.

Ocean Conservancy
5 Awe-Inspiring Ocean Discoveries of 2018 - Ocean Conservancy

2018 has been a year for the books when it comes to ocean discoveries. With the vast majority of the world's marine ecosystems still yet to be seen by human eyes, there is so much more we have yet to uncover throughout our great ocean.

Ocean Conservancy
How to Prepare for the International Coastal Cleanup - Ocean Conservancy

It's that time of year again: the International Coastal Cleanup is right around the corner! In less than two weeks, hundreds of thousands of volunteers will come together to pick up trash from coastlines and waterways all across the globe. When it comes to our ocean, marine debris poses a serious threat to wildlife, ocean-based economies and coastal communities alike.

These Mountain Ranges Will Leave You Speechless on Your Next Roadtrip

National Mountain Climbing Day is Tuesday, August 1st! Highest Elevation: 14,497 ft. The highest point in both the United States and the Sierra Nevada, Mount Whitney is known by many hikers as one of the steepest, most difficult ranges to climb in the continental United States. Highest Elevation: 14,411 ft.

Ocean Conservancy
9 Reasons You Can't Help but Love Manatees - Ocean Conservancy

Get ready, because November is Manatee Awareness Month! You may know West Indian manatees are one of the most adorable and graceful creatures in areas like the Gulf of Mexico, but there are some things about them that may truly surprise you. These nine facts will lead you to an even greater appreciation for 'sea cows.'

Ocean Conservancy
A Few Things About Wetlands that Might Surprise You - Ocean Conservancy

Just in time for World Wetlands Day 2018, we've got some of the coolest, wildest facts about these incredibly fertile and diversity-rich ecosystems. From the marshes of the Gulf to the Great Dismal Swamp, some of our most fascinating natural wonders may lie in some of the most unexpected places.

Ocean Conservancy
The Most Festive Shark There Ever Was? - Ocean Conservancy

The 2017 holiday season is upon us, and no matter where we go, it seems we can't escape the joyful music, vibrant light displays and perfectly wrapped gift displays alongside shop window setups. Every other commercial on television is about a special sale for this time of year, and Facebook is flooding with fun-filled holiday recipes to try.

BuzzFeed Community
How Much Do You REALLY Know About Motorcycle Safety?

Even though riding a motorcycle is thrilling, enjoyable, relaxing and exhilarating it can also be risky. As with most things in life, being prepared is the key to staying safe and avoiding accidents.

Ocean Conservancy
The Books Every Ocean Lover Should Read in 2018 - Ocean Conservancy

Here at Ocean Conservancy, we get countless requests for all things sea-related-including our best book recommendations for ocean lovers. The beginning of January is the perfect time to curl up with a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a start a new book (or three), and Ocean Conservancy's staff has pitched in with their best recommendations, just in time for the new year.

The Thirteen Strangest Motorcycles You've Probably Ever Seen

When you spend your days looking at the thousands of bikes for sale on Cycle Trader - you can bet we've seen just about every bike out there. We've come across the good, the bad, the beautiful, and (what some people would call) the ugly... and quite a few seriously weird rides as well.

Interested in PWCs? Here are 5 Sites You Need to be Following

We know that once you have one powersports unit, it's hard not to have a few. And in the warmer months, getting out on the water seems like the obvious choice. Over the course of the last few months, we've noticed quite a few online resources go viral online when it comes to go-to articles, reviews, and more for personal watercraft enthusiasts, and we realized something.

Bourbon & Grace
Harnessing Uncertainty to Propel you toward your Purpose

You know that nervous feeling you get at the top of your chest, that crease in your brow that always seems permanently engrained when nothing in your life seems guaranteed... That frosty sense of mental fog that drifts into your mind's forefront when all that makes you feel most secure in this world is thrown off kilter?

The Science and Biology of Human Communication: Term Piece
Health Benefits of Human-Animal Interaction and Companionship

Both direct and indirect physical and psychological benefits of animal companionship have long been acknowledged by both scholars and citizens alike. Yet, the relative amount of measurable evidence to validate such benefits seems to float significantly below human radar when it comes to common societal knowledge. While certainly younger as an experimental field, the scientific study of human-animal interaction and subsequent biological effects on the psychosocial human experience is one more...

RV Hidden Gems: 5 best-kept secret parks

With dense, rich greenery surrounding an incredible 80-foot triple waterfall, this awe-inspiring environment of limestone caves and picturesque picnicking spots offers an ideal destination for weddings, special events, and impromptu day trips alike.

Believe it - These 5 businesses all operate out of RVs

Small Business Week Special: Believe it - These 5 businesses all operate out of RVs In honor of April's recent Small Business Week, we're rounding up a new series and heading into the month of May with a special focus on small businesses curated by genius entrepreneurs- and best of all, they are each all fully functioning out of campers, trailers, and motorhomes.

Healthy RV-cations: Are they really possible?

Well, to keep things short - the answer's yes! However, what's so critically important for all RVers to keep in mind when it comes to health and fitness in relation to vacationing is the actual nature of "our type" of vacation.

The Top 10 Spring RV Destinations for 2017

One of the best parts about RVing is the fact that you really can do it all year round- who ever said it needed to be summertime for us to enjoy the outdoors and embrace adventures? Yet, there are certain RV destinations that are perfect to visit in very specific seasons.

Cycle Trader Insider
10 Motorcycle Laws You Didn't Know Existed

It's common for drivers to occasionally come across driving laws they've never heard, but did you know that there are a number of bizarre laws for motorcyclists, too? We've compiled a list of the most eyebrow-raising legislation out there so you will be in the know when you get on the road.

10 of This Year's Must-Have Moto Accessories

10 of This Year's Must-Have Moto Accessories No matter your age, gender, or what type of motorcycle you ride, there's one thing you can be sure of - accessories are sometimes what makes or breaks the riding experience.

The Mobile Apps Every Dealer Should Know About

Here at RV Trader, we are constantly striving to provide you with the most up-to-date information on new and improved technology to help you boost your dealership's digital footprint and further measure business success.

15 Apps that Every RVer Needs in their Life

Whether you're roadtripping through the mountains or taking a quick weekend getaway to the lake, RVing can show us some of the greatest joys and frustrations that traveling has to give. Now that technology has come such a long way, however, we now have tools that enable us to make the good times even better by decreasing the chances of motorhome issues arising, whether maintenance or traffic-related.

Our Top Picks for the Best Fall Festivals of 2016!

Look, don't even say you love apples until you've been to this down-home fall celebration. Originally held in the early 1960s to promote the area's local apple market, the festival eventually became so popular amongst both locals and travelers alike that it beat out the nearest competition for fall fun - the Johnson County Fair.

Top 10 Biker Bars: California Edition

No matter where your motorcycle journeys take you, bikers often want to know find where they can find the best bars for bikers and restaurants that are "motorcycle friendly." This is the first edition of our new series bringing you the ultimate guide to the best bars and food stops in each and every state.

15 Reasons You Need to be at This Year's Florida RV SuperShow

Are you signed up to attend this year's Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa, Florida? After reading this article, you'll definitely want to make sure you are! Here are our top 15 reasons you've got to be there for the 2017 show! The show is formally recognized as the largest RV show in the country.

Textron to buy Arctic Cat for nearly $250m

Big news for the snowmobile world came earlier this week. Textron Inc. (TXT), an industrial, aircraft and automotive manufacturing company, has announced that it will be acquiring Arctic Cat Inc. (ACAT) as a new addition to its Specialized Vehicles business for approximately $247 million.

Cycle Trader's Dealer Center Wins Spot in Powersports Business Nifty 50

Dealerships can more easily identify trends, adjust their product and marketing mix, and maximize the ROI of their digital advertising program. Cycle Trader, a division of Dominion Enterprises, was recently honored as part of Powersports Business magazine's Nifty 50 list for its newly released tool -- Dealer Center.

Building your Business on Instagram: 3 Tips to Expand your Audience

It's no secret that Instagram has become one of the most prominent social media platforms and the idea behind it is actually pretty simple - a digital online scrapbook. With nearly 600 million users as of December 2016, interacting with your audience on Instagram is a great way to showcase your dealership in a very visual and engaging way.

RV Reno: Tips for Flipping Older Trailers into Refurbished Masterpieces

Rather than buying a brand new RV, have you thought about purchasing an older unit and remodeling it with a custom design tailored to your preferences and style? While this may seem intimidating in terms of scope and scale, RV renovation projects can actually be some of the most fulfilling.