Laura Hadland

Freelance Food & Drink Writer

United Kingdom

British food & drink writer and photographer. Author of '50 Years of CAMRA', the Best Beer Book in the World 2022.

Brewers with Learning Disabilities: Equity in the Workplace

Assistant brewer Chris carefully and methodically fills bottles with a crisp pale ale using a simple machine. He gently passes the bottles to his colleague Michaela, who is ready with a manual capping tool. She is absorbed in the task, carefully sanitizing new caps before lining up the bottles to stamp on a lid.

Consuming Passions: Stout

In the latest addition to our consuming passions series, Laura Hadland (drinks writer and author of 50 Years of CAMRA: Celebrating 50 years of the Campaign for Real Ale) celebrates the dark mysteries of stout, the style of beer made famous by Guinness, whose rich and smooth flavour makes it a beverage with a vast range of culinary possibilities.

New lease of life for Manchester brewpub

Audio Description Login here to listen to the audio description Real ale fans were saddened to hear of the forthcoming closure of Manchester's Beer Nouveau (pictured). Though Steve Dunkley's popular tap is no more, the story is not yet over under the railway arch at 75 North Western Street.

The death of the cornershop? - Reader's Digest

They used to be a feature on almost every residential corner-but corner shop numbers are in decline. Can the tradition be saved? With more than 46,000 convenience stores in the UK, we could be forgiven for thinking there truly is one on every corner.

On Tap Magazine
Female of the Species

Despite brewing having historic roots as a female-led occupation, women have struggled to gain a foothold in the industry in recent generations. But a new wave of women is helping to turn the tide internationally. They are brewers, industry figureheads, and beacons for professionals and consumers alike.
A beginner's guide to English wine

Buying from local producers is a sustainable and delicious way to top up your larder. We're all used to supporting bakers, cheesemakers and farmers on our doorstep, but do you get your wine from UK makers too? The renaissance in English wine is well and truly underway.