Laura Amy

Content writer


An experienced, passionate, dedicated, and versatile writer, proficient in all aspects of communications.

Writing in a variety of styles and on a diverse range of subjects, including travel, health, lifestyle, education, and fitness.

Flexible copywriter for a variety of web and multi-platform applications. Significant experience in online publishing and social media.

Sharp eye for detail: spelling, grammar, tonality.

Able to meet tight deadlines and work with subject matter experts, adapting their knowledge into web content, blogs, stories, articles, summaries, and more.

Private Client
Doggie Slumber

Have you ever caught your dog mid snooze, with their legs twitching and soft barks and ask yourself do dogs dream just like humans? Well, look no further because we have the answer and insight into a pooch's sleepy mind.

Private Client
Vatican City

Turn back time to two months ago. I am on the four-week countdown to turning thirty, and whilst I had considered a boozy British bash in Benidorm, I felt like I wanted to enter my thirties in a more... cultured way than I had perhaps started my twenties (Malia).

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Half Marathon Training

So you probably already run 5k, maybe you have been creeping up to the 10k, and from there, there is not such a huge leap to the half marathon.

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Attract More Customers with Brilliant Lights

Christmas is just around the corner and with is brings every company the opportunity to express their festive cheer and welcome new and old customers during the holiday season.

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Beach & Coastal Office Furniture Articles

Whether you are searching for the calming effects of a seaside escape or looking to bring some summer sun inside your office, coastal themed offices bring the outside inside making your workspace a truly tranquil room.

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Top 5 Dog Cake Recipes

Do you want to bake a cake for your pup, but you don't have tonnes of time? Don't worry, here are our top 5 dog cake mixes reviewed by real dog lovers, with busy lives, but who want to give their pups a special treat!

My Poetry

A Small Collection of My Poems: Footprints of The Last Year.

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Is March 8th in Your Diary?

International Women's Day, means different things to different women across the world; in some countries, it passes without a second thought. In other places, it is a day where women celebrate all that it is to be a woman and they embrace their femininity and feminism.

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The Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California, quite literally brings the stars to you. Located on Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, this observatory has been allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the solar system in every way possible for more than eighty years.