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I am a freelance journalist with years of experience working as a writer and editor for national publications.

Most recently, I worked as deputy news and lifestyle editor at Jam Press, regularly writing for the Daily Mail, Mirror, Sun, Metro, New York Post and a range of women's magazines. Previously, I was assistant lifestyle editor at for three years.

I have also worked at the Press Association and started out as a reporter in my native Northern Ireland, working at the Belfast Telegraph.

Polyamorous people reveal what it's like having multiple partners in lockdown

Lockdown is having a huge impact on relationships. Single people are finding dating harder, some couples are living together for the first time putting their relationship to the test and some are forced to be apart because they can't isolate together. But for those in polyamorous relationships, the rules are more complicated.

Sisters marry twin brothers with incredible double wedding

On their way home from a 'very boring party', Olivia Persent and her sister Rhoshe decided to pop in and see Olivia's boyfriend Clint Petersen. It was there Rhoshe met Clement - Clint's twin brother. She already knew her sister's boyfriend Clint and even though his twin looked the same, she noticed something different about him.

Lockdown will leave a lasting trauma on family relationships

Baby Reau Singh-Okasili is over two months old but she still hasn't met her grandparents. Born on 22 March, the day before lockdown was introduced, her extended family have had to stay away to keep her safe. When her mum Kay fell pregnant, this wasn't what she imagined.

People reveal lockdown money-saving lessons that are helping long term finances

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed life as we know it. We've been staying home, away from friends, family, restaurants and the office. Although for some, there are huge financial strains at the minute with pay cuts and job losses, the pandemic has given everyone an opportunity to reassess how we're spending our money.

The options for first-time buyers who no longer have a big enough deposit

With the introduction of lockdown, the housing market stopped and there's been a level on uncertainty ever since. Although viewings and sales are now allowed, the landscape looks very different to this time last year. The biggest issue for those wanting to get on the property ladder is the lack of high loan-to-value (LTV mortgages).

Everything you need to know about the Help to Buy scheme

Buying a house is complicated and with prices high, getting on the property ladder is tough. There are options out there to help first time buyers but all the information can be a little overwhelming. One of the most popular schemes is the government's Help to Buy (HtB) equity loan.

What it's like to deal with sleep paralysis

With the alarm going off, Floriane was wide awake ready for a new day. But as she tried to get out of bed, she realised she couldn't move at all. 'It honestly was really scary,' she tells 'I was in bed lying on my back.

Overnight we went from being aunt and uncle to parents of our niece and nephew

Back in 2016, Adam and Jade were a young couple with few responsibilities. They'd been together for three years and were living with her parents while 'saving' (though they admit they weren't doing much of that). But almost overnight, they became parents to a five-year-old girl and a four-year-old boy.

'I reported my daughter's birth mum to the police when she found her online'

When Hilary and her husband adopted their daughter, they knew she'd had a difficult start in life. Not only had she previously been placed with several families that didn't work out, she also suffered from attachment issues and over the years Hilary (not her real name) became aware of her child's growing interest in her birth mum.

What it's like becoming a single mum by adoption during lockdown

After hitting 40 and still finding herself still single, Jenny decided to adopt alone. Throughout the process of applying, she always thought she'd have lots of support around her. But the day before she was meant to meet her little boy for the first time, lockdown was announched.

What it's like being told you're autistic as an adult

For 70 years, Gordon Cairns had struggled to understand why he didn't fit in. But after a prostate cancer diagnosis and difficulties with his mental health, he ended up seeing the same Mental Health Nurse three times in three years.

Mum has miracle baby despite fears breast cancer at 31 would affect fertility

Gemma Isaacs always knew she was at risk of getting breast cancer. Her dad and many people on his side of the family had the BRCA1 gene mutation, which means a high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. But when a tumour was picked up by chance when she was just 31, it still came as a shock.

Help to Buy: Everything buyers need to know about the new scheme

The new Help to Buy equity loan scheme launches today, December 16. The idea behind the scheme is the government lends extra money to help buyers struggling to get on the property ladder. The main aspects of the scheme remain the same - but there are a few changes to who can apply and the maximum equity loan you can have in certain areas.

Aspiring actress, 18, gets £10,000 bionic arm just in time for Christmas

Opening Christmas presents will be a little different for Gracie McGonigal this year. The 18-year-old, from Ealing, West London was born with a congenital limb deficiency, which means her left arm stops just below the elbow. But just two weeks ago, she received a bionic arm, which can be controlled by her thoughts, just like her right arm.

Woman told she'd need IVF after cancer prepares to meet miracle Christmas baby

In spring, as the country went into lockdown, it was another life-changing event that came as the biggest shock for Tori Coles. The 31-year-old, from the Isle of Wight, discovered she was pregnant with her first baby. After going through breast cancer at 26, Tori had always thought she would need to have fertility treatment to have a child.

Woman asks both grandmas to be bridesmaids after Covid cancels original wedding

Megan Kennedy and Tom Cahoon had spent months planning their wedding for March 2020 - and then the pandemic hit. With just two weeks to go, they made the difficult decision to postpone to October this year. But as the coronavirus restrictions went on, the couple realised their wedding would be put on hold for a second time.

How to create a budget spreadsheet and stick to it to save money in 2021

If you've spent a little too much over Christmas, you can use the time before New Year to get your finances in order for January. To really cut your spending and start saving, you need a detailed account of where you're money is going and a budget spreadsheet is a great place to start.

Horserider severed two arteries and had a stroke when throwing head back

Keen rider Harriet Cooper was trying out some new horses she was thinking of buying but when she went to mount one it reared, causing her to throw her head back. She had no idea at the time, but that action sliced open two of the arteries in her neck, eventually causing a stroke.

12 money challenges to help you save in 2021

If your resolution for 2021 was to save a little more money, you don't have to stick to just trying to set something aside every time you get paid. A money challenge is a great way to stay motivated and make it fun.

Woman's mouth ulcer turned out to be tongue cancer

After losing seven and a half stone over two years, Casey Marsh was the fittest she'd been in a long time. So when she felt a little pain in her mouth, she assumed it was just a mouth ulcer that would go away quickly.

Mum struggles to hold her baby after final weeks of pregnancy made heart fail

When Caroline Neal went into hospital to give birth to her first child, she expected to be home a few days later. But the 35-year-old, from Essex, ended up spending weeks in hospital after his birth and came home struggling to walk up stairs, shower herself or even hold her baby while standing up, as the pregnancy caused her heart to fail.

How to cope if you are struggling with the anniversary of lockdown

One year ago today, Boris Johnson brought in the first coronavirus restrictions advising people to stop non-essential contact and travel. In the days that followed, pubs and restaurants were ordered to shut and then, on March 23, the first lockdown was announced. This was the week everything changed and the reality of living through a global pandemic hit.

Mum who thought bloating was Christmas overindulgence actually had bowel cancer

Noticing some bloating and severe stomach cramps on Boxing Day, Rebecca Condie thought it was just the effects of a big Christmas dinner the day before. But when the symptoms continued, she became more concerned. Mum-of-three Rebecca, 37, from Guildford, Surrey, actually had a tumour which was completely blocking her bowel.

How animals can help improve our mental health

'Having a hard day. Send puppy pics' is a common cry on social media. When things get tough, a cute dog, kitten, horse, or whatever your favourite creature is, can help. Evidence shows that animals can improve our mental health in many ways. Pets provide companionship, love and feelings of joy.

Mortgage experts give tips for buying a home on your own

Buying a house is tough in any circumstances, especially with soaring prices. But if you're single and trying to get a mortgage alone, it's even more difficult. With only one income to take into account, your budget is usually much more limited.

How lockdown changed the coming out experience for LGBT people

Until last year, Alayna Fender was a 'confirmed bisexual' - a slogan she used on merch for her Youtube channel MissFenderr after coming out to her thousands of subscribers in 2015. She was engaged to a man and with his support, she explored relationships with women and built a community of LGBT+ friends both online and in real life.

Women who became mums after 35 say we need to fight the stigma

When is a woman 'too old' to become a mother? According to 46% of men, women are 'too old' to become mums between 36 and 40, while 71% believed men having children at that age was 'about right', says a YouGov survey released this week.

What are your options if you miss the stamp duty holiday?

Buying a house comes with many costs beyond the price tag on the property. Stamp duty is usually one of the biggest to consider when setting a budget. But anyone purchasing a house under £500,000 since last July has managed to avoid paying the hefty tax thanks to the stamp duty holiday introduced by Rishi Sunak in an attempt to kickstart the market after the first lockdown.

Repairing electrical goods is now easier and it could save you money

When your washing machine or fridge breaks, sometimes it works out cheaper just to replace the whole thing than it does to repair it. But it's not exactly environmentally friendly if your appliance could run for a few more years with that one part replaced.

Ways to show your partner how you feel for each love language

Some people say that working out your 'love language' can really help you figure out how to show each other your feelings in a relationship. The concept was created by Dr. Gary Chapman in 1992 who said that there are five categories - words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and gift giving.

Is the Sugar Coated leg hair removal kit worth the faff?

With summer in full swing, my tights are firmly pushed to the back of the drawer. And though I love my legs getting a little air, it does mean I can't skimp on the hair removal. Usually shaving is my go-to because salon waxes are pricey and at-home kits have always ended in disaster for me.

Are shampoo and conditioner bars worth the faff?

While you might take your cotton tote bag to the supermarket and have accepted paper straws in your drinks, there's still a lot we need to do to cut down on single-use plastics. An easy way is to use more solid products in your beauty routine, avoiding the need for packaging.

Things to try for each love language to improve your sex life

Struggling to connect with your partner sexually? You might want to figure out their love language. Created by Dr. Gary Chapman in 1992, the theory is that we all give and receive love differently but it falls into five categories - words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service and gift giving.

How you could save £2,000 on your childcare bill

Having children isn't cheap - there's the nappies, pram, toys, clothes then food, school trips and all the pocket money you need to think about over the course of 18 years. So we can all get on board with ways to save money. One of the biggest costs, especially when your children are small, is childcare.

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No, I'm not a drug addict - I'm diabetic

s that drugs?" I heard someone say as my insulin pen rolled across the floor of a crowded bar. I'd dropped my bag as I was trying to make my way back to the dance floor, sending needles, blood testing strips and my insulin pen flying in all directions.

the Guardian
Singapore teenager charged over critical Lee Kuan Yew video

A Singaporean teenager faces up to three years in prison for criticising the nation's late founder, Lee Kuan Yew, and Christianity in an online video. At a court in Singapore on Tuesday, Yee was charged with three offences - two of insulting Christianity and the late statesman, and another of allegedly transmitting online an "obscene representation", according to court documents.

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Michelle Obama's mother makes rare public appearance in London

Michelle Obama's mother, Marian Robinson, made a rare public appearance when she flew to London with her daughter this week. The first lady usually tries to keep the 78-year-old first grandmother out of the public eye. Robinson keeps a low profile and rarely gives interviews, saying she prefers to concentrate on looking after her family.

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