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Latifah Miles is a content creator, author, and writer within the parenting space. She crafts articles that people can relate to and see themselves in. She wants to create content that offers inclusion and diversity within the parenting sphere that can tend to exclude parents and caregivers that need a representation the most. Latifah has a B.A. in Journalism and is currently an MBA Marketing candidate.

18 Body Positive Mantras To Say In The Mirror Every Morning

by Latifah Miles Page 1 of 6 No one and mean no one, is harder on you than yourself. We pinch, poke, and prod ourselves and whine about our bloat, "gut," or whatever. In reality, though, we should be a lot kinder to our bodies, it's the only one that we get.

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Adulting: 10 Ways Your Life Changes When Your BFF Gets Married

Your BFF has been by your side through some of your highest peaks and your lowest valleys, always cheering you on and wiping your tears. But, when she gets married to the love of her life and commits to a partnership with someone other than you, life will certainly change.

I'm Not a Bad Friend, I Just Need Space Sometimes

It's a Tuesday evening around 6 pm and I'm walking in the door with my 5 year old son a few steps behind. I'm juggling his lunch box, the countless sheets of papers and notices from his preschool, and the snack wrappers that I refuse to allow him to toss to the ground.

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These Cute Lunch Boxes Mean Your Kid Might Actually Eat Their Lunch

Trying to shove all of your kid's lunch into a brown paper bag is the last thing you want to do before rushing out of the door. On top of being a total waste of money and harmful for the planet, paper bags do absolutely nothing to keep your kid's food cool throughout the day, and are flimsy.

I'm A Mom & I Like Having Casual Sex - So What?

Shuffling around in the dark with just the glow of the nearby street light to guide my hands, I searched for where Greg had thrown my panties the night before. The evening had taken a turn for the best and I ended up spending the night in Greg's Harl

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15 Reasons Why Working In Retail Should Be A Prerequisite To Life

Latifah Miles in Strategy Working an unreliable retail job is typically synonymous with long hours, unreasonable pay and irritable customers who have absolutely zero room for upward movement unless the boss suddenly croaks or hits the lottery. It is a time when most 20-somethings daydream about steady hours, health benefits and their own desks to decorate with mementos of their fab lives.

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DIY Spring Grapefruit & Ylang Ylang Body Oil | Kimberly Elise Natural Living

As the weather heats up and we start to show more of our skin (finally), it is important that we keep it healthy and as smooth as a freshly polished pearl. While thick and creamy butters and lotions are what we needed for the winter months, in warmer seasons they can clog our pores and leave behind a greasy ...

The 17 Best At-Home Natural Hair Products That Really Work

Get Softer Strands "Once my hair was long enough to do twist-outs and braid-outs, this was the perfect sealant," says Latifah Miles, the blogger behind Young, Fabulous, & Natural. "Unlike other moisturizers or butters, this doesn't leave a greasy film behind and it keeps frizz down."

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10 Ways Becoming A Mom Earlier Than Expected Enriched My Life

When women in their 20s think about becoming a mother, it typically involves five to 10 years in the future and an end to everything formally known as fun. My thinking was not too far off, until motherhood squashed my expectations and met me halfway at 23 years old.

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