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Content Manager at Lewis Communications

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After graduating from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a Journalism degree, I decided to follow an unconventional path and write music instead of news. I was lucky enough to nab a licensing deal, and not long after, a publishing and artist contract with a small label in Nashville. In the meantime, I was freelancing, writing social copy and blogs, and side-hustling my little heart out. The stereotype of a “broke musician” exists for a reason.

I was fortunate to end up with songs placed in TV movies, commercials, and trailers in the U.S. and internationally. And although I continue to write, perform, and produce my own music for fun, I’ve bookmarked that chapter of my life, for now.

For me, writing was always about connecting with people. Whether it was in a song, a blog, or a headline, the goal was always the same – understand the person you’re talking to and speak directly to them in their language.

In 2014, I leaped into the e-commerce world, and soon, I was fully immersed in digital marketing and persuasive copywriting. In search of more topical diversity, I moved on from e-commerce into advertising where I snagged a position writing content and copy for Lewis Communications. That’s where I am now, as a Content Manager. 

And in case you are wondering, I do not have a stance on the Oxford comma. I am Switzerland.


Video + Blogs

Tiffin Motorhomes
Tiffin Owner Story: Retired U.S. Army Captain Charles A. Ramsey II

An inspiring story to unite Tiffin owners through a couple of common threads - they all love America and life on the open road. I found this guy through social media, handled every piece of communication, concepted, interviewed him myself, and assisted in editing the video. I also wrote the full blog.

Tiffin Motorhomes
Owner Story: Charlie Warren

Charlie Warren, an amateur astronomer and astrophotographer, travels in a Tiffin motorhome seeking out dark sky sites to pursue his passion. We were thrilled to live vicariously through him as he told us his story. And Tiffin owners (who love science) were enamored with him.

Tiffin Motorhomes
10 Reasons Why Your Wife Should Drive the Motorhome

A top-performing blog infographic on social. With a goal of engaging the female audience, I developed this idea and brought it to life with my favorite graphic artist, Joe Chisenall.

Email Samples

Subject: Life without lists?

A conversational email announcing a new feature that allows customers to save and share with friends.

The Lewis Communicator (Lewis Internal Newsletter)
Just the facts.

Interoffice newsletters are my jam. I gather all the boring office news and distill it into yummy, consumable nuggets people enjoy munching on.

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