Lara Stace


United Kingdom

Final year student studying English Literature BA (Hons) at Cardiff University.

Over six years' experience at Newport City Radio, an online community radio station, as presenter, producer and news editor. Art editor for The Global Panorama. Founder and blogger for Two Green Thumbs UK.

Huge fan of Bob Dylan, Frank Herbert's Dune and artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Dw i'n dygsu Cymraeg heyfd!


Newport City Radio

Newport City Radio
'Grassroots Out' Anti-EU Rally Comes to Newport: What Was Said?

esterday (Tuesday 29 March) at Rodney Parade, a number of delegates from across the political spectrum came together for a common goal: to speak about the possible benefits of leaving the EU, in a so-called 'Brexit'. Nathan Gill MEP chaired the evening.

Newport City Radio
Nigel Farage MEP Comes to Newport in Anti-EU Rally

ix speakers, including UKIP Leader Nigel Farage MEP, came to Newport yesterday evening to campaign for anti-EU group Grassroots Out. With people from across the political spectrum, the talk focussed around several of the big EU arguments: immigration, trade, industry and money.

Newport City Radio
Exhibition: Healing Words Come to Commercial Street

An exhibition is being held at The Project Space that presents poetry and art created by women who are either refugees or seeking asylum. Today the group will hold a celebratory closing ceremony at The Project Space, located on Commercial Street, between 4pm and 7pm.

Newport City Radio
Newport Young People to Premier Documentary at Cineworld

Young people from black and ethnic minorities backgrounds in Newport have created a documentary that explores black integration into British society, in a partnership including Newport-based youth organisation Urban Circle Productions (UCP). The 45-minute film, 'Positive Identity-A Journey of Self-Discovery and Positive Awareness', will be screened at Spytty Cineworld on Saturday 31 October.

Volunteers' Week: Animal Welfare and Volunteering

Volunteers' Week, which is running from the 1 - 7 June this year, is 'an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK'. Volunteers' week began in 1984 so 2014 sees the event mark its 30th birthday. In...

Volunteers' Week: Homelessness and Volunteering

Volunteers' Week, which is running from the 1 - 7 June this year, is 'an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK'. Volunteers' Week began in 1984, so 2014 sees the event mark its 30th birthday. In...

Two Green Thumbs UK

Two Green Thumbs: 8 Ideas to get you back into the garden

Those of you in warmer climes might have never left the garden, but I most certainly spent the larger part of winter inside and tucked under a multitude layers. Now, however, is the time to shine - or look reasonably bright but cloudy, as the weather currently is in south Wales.

Two Green Thumbs: Ten thrifty garden tips

Want to add to your garden without purging your purse? You've come to the right place! 2 Propagation and patience. I saw a spider plant priced up at £4 today. £4! Spider plants can be so easily propagated if you have a friend or family member with a spawning plant.

The Global Panorama

The Global Panorama
Sir Eduardo Paolozzi in five works

Discover the different styles and media adopted by British artist Sir Eduardo Paolozzi during his career by looking at five of his works Although I became acquainted with Sir Eduardo Paolozzi's work through his colourful oil paintings and collages, he was also a prolific sculptor. In fact, Frank Whitford highlights that Paolozzi was one of...

The Global Panorama
Four corners: art events from around the world

Four exhibitions and events that have caught our eye If you have a few hours spare in the coming weeks, why not see take a gander at the events and exhibitions below or have a look at what's being held at your local art gallery?

The Global Panorama
Chicken legs and pork chops

Animals are frequently used in the world of art, but to what end? Next time you are in an art gallery, keep an eye out for the animals that surround you. Perhaps there is a thorough-bred horse in an 18-century oil painting, standing proudly next to its master-displaying 'good breeding' in more than one sense-or...

The Global Panorama
Matisse's 'Nuit de Noel'

First in our series dedicated to works of art dear to our hearts, our editor takes us through the journey of her personal favourite - Matisse The Tate Modern held a particularly special exhibition this summer: 'Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs'. In fact, we wrote an article about it at the time!

Lauren Wade Imagines Classic Paintings with a Modern Twist

Lauren Wade transforms the Masters' works into modern femme fatales. Lauren Wade, a Photo Editor, who has worked for the likes of The Style Network and NBC, has photoshopped the works of great artists so that they meet modern standards of 'beauty' in the media.

Vegan Treats: Chocolate Cake

Treat a friend on their birthday with this rich vegan chocolate cake I found that this cake was best prepared the evening before the big day. The icing, in particular, improves with resting for several hours. Working from an ordinary recipe I have adapted it to suit vegan requirements - it could also be adapted to accommodate those...

Under Milk Wood: A Dylan Classic, Re-imagined by Peter Blake

Artist Peter Blake's exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff shows his take on Dylan Thomas' play, Under Milk Wood. I have been waiting weeks, if not months, to visit 'Peter Blake illustrates Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood'. It is currently on exhibition at the National Museum Cardiff until March 16.