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International Business Times UK
Pablo Escobar's brother issues warning to Netflix about filming in Colombia

Netflix may have earned widespread acclaim for their hit show Narcos, but now it looks like the violence and drama are moving from the small screen to reality. The brother of drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, on whose life the first two seasons of the show were built, has issued warnings to the streaming service to pay for the use of his story or suffer the consequences.

Medical Daily
Could Magic Mushrooms Be A Cure For Treatment-Resistant Depression?

Magic mushrooms have earned themselves quite the reputation for causing psychedelic hallucinations. Those of us who watched Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason will remember Renée Zellweger's character dancing in rainbow-colored water after unknowingly eating an omelet laced with them.

International Business Times UK
Chained and abused for years, can India's temple elephants have a chance at freedom?

In Hinduism, the elephant is considered the embodiment of the deity Ganesha, and has become a part of religious and cultural traditions, especially those linked to temples. However, while holding beatific status and being venerated by many, the pachyderm lives a life in bondage, often being subjected to brutal treatment and abuse.

International Business Times UK
Panama Papers report: Mossack Fonseca linked to offshore deals in Africa worth billions

Nearly four months after the initial release of the Panama Papers, investigations into the use of offshore accounts to channel illegal funds have now revealed a large-scale network of offshore deals that took place across Africa. Many of these deals expose misuse of corporate power towards paying exorbitant bribes to win control of natural resources on the continent.

Every Indian should visit Hampi: Amish Tripathi

("I think every Indian should...) Author Amish Tripathi talks about his favourite heritage holidays and more to ET Travel Reactions to your latest book... There has been a lot of debate regarding the ending of the third part of the Shiva Trilogy: The Oath of the Vayuputras.

The Times of India
Ploughs to pans - The Times of India

Through the monsoon months, Ranjeet works in his family's paddy fields in Purshottam in Medinipur district of West Bengal. Here, he spends his days helping his brothers and father plant rice saplings and also cultivate betel nut. But come November, he swaps his plough and sickle for an apron and frying pan.

The Times of India
Goa Gill on Goa Trance - The Times of India

Java script disabled, please check your browser settings. As one of the earliest trance artists and organisers in Goa, Goa Gil is the go-to guy in understanding the State's weakening relationship with trance music. How did the Goa trance movement start for you?

International Business Times UK
JK Rowling schools Jeremy Corbyn supporters with massive Twitter rant

JK Rowling's recent Twitter attack on Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, in which she questioned his credibility as a good prime ministerial candidate seems to have been just the start of her political tirade. The Harry Potter author has now responded to her fans' criticism of her opinion of Corbyn, with the help of statistics.

Food trail across India: Sugar, spice and all things nice

(It's festival time and...) It's festival time and this means celebrations, parties and a whole lot of good food. What better time to delve into India's varied cuisines than now! Whether it's Ganeshotsav, Dusshera or Diwali, sweets play a pivotal role in the celebrations and bring a joyous flavour to the occasions.

Teams of specialists will always do a better job for clients than a group of generalists:...

When asked about the differences in the PR industry in UK and that of Asia, Hughes explains, "It is very difficult to compare a single market like the UK with the 40 or so very distinct markets that make up Asia, but in general terms I think Asia is beginning to understand the dividends that can be had when you treat your brand or company reputation like any other commercial asset.

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