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Below is a sampling from the more than 500 pages of local content and promotion written and produced for the Miami Herald International Edition in Ecuador from 2010-2013.



Miami Herald Ecuador

A brief look at the history of The Miami Herald International Edition.

Economy / Business / Politics

Miami Herald International Edition
Press Under Pressure

Ecuador's government controls the media environment to the frustration of independent media companies.

Culture / Art

Miami Herald International Edition
The man with no face

A controversial art restoration is undertaken in a 16th century convent in Quito

Miami Herald Miami
La Ronda, patrolling the past

Morales Street in Quito, commonly known as La Ronda, has become a focal attraction following a multi-million dollar investment by the city of Quito.

Ecuador Tourism

Miami Herald International Edition
Into the Amazon Basin: Oil vs. Nature

The Napo Wildlife Center sits in Yasuni National Park, a one-of-a-kind travel experience and home to a controversial environmental initiative.

Miami Herald Ecuador
Condo Park: An easier way to go birding

Joep Hendrix has been training raptors most of his life and today he runs an education and bird rehabiliation center in the middle of the Ecuadorean Andes.

Miami Herald Ecuador
The search for good coffee

A visit to two coffee providers in Quito shows that the search for good coffee may be a matter of preference

Culinary Ecuador

Miami Herald Ecuador
Soup basics

Three local chefs offer an introduction to Ecuador's most popular dish

Miami Herald Ecuador
Street Treats: Ponches & Helados

Part of Quito's intangible (and disappearing) heritage are the poncheros and ice cream venders of old town

Dining Out - Restaurants

Resorts, Hotels & Haciendas

Miami Herald Ecuador
Kapawi: Bridge to the Achuar Nation

Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve is the most remote luxury lodge owned and operated by a local, indigenous community

Miami Herald Ecuador (advertorial)
Overnight in Old Town

La Casona de la Ronda is Quito's newest boutique hotel

Miami Herald Ecuador
Hotel Mansion Alcazar: A reason to stay

When Rocio Vasquez's father gave her the house that is now Cuenca's premier boutique hotel he told her, "you now have a reason to come back."

Miami Herald Ecuador
The way of the Chagra

Tourists participate in the living heritage of Cotopaxi Province: cattle drives with Andean cowboys

Miami Herald Ecuador
Hacienda San Agustin de Callo, the Inca Hacienda

Built around original Incan construction, Hacienda San Agustin de Callo is blend of architecture from every era since that time; but, most of all it is a place where people the world over dine and relax.

Miami Herald Ecuador
Hacienda Pinsaqui: History and much more

Once the site of a historic treaty signing and a place where Simon Bolivar would lay his head, Hacienda Pinsaqui today is a must stop on the tourism circuit.

Miami Herald Ecuador
The Seventh Paradise

Old English and European designs blend with nature at one of Ecuador's preeminent birdiing destinations