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Heatwaves: Australia's silent killer

Heatwaves in Australia kill more people than all other natural disasters combined yet they continue to be the most underrated weather hazard. Beck Dawson, Sydney's Chief Resilience Officer, is responsible for preparing the five million people in metropolitan Sydney for any disaster. "Heat is our single biggest shock in Sydney.

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Can dogs keep us healthy

Dog lovers have long argued the health benefits of four-legged friends but a new ground-breaking study will test the theory. In a world-first, Sydney University researchers will attempt to measure how much dogs impact human health. Lead researcher Emmanuel Stamatakis is determined to ensure that the studies are not idealised, but instead illustrate unbiased evidence.

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Journal writing as therapy

In an increasingly online world, studies suggest setting time aside to write in a journal can have health benefits. Journal writing has been around for centuries but in today's digital society many people forget just how easy it is to reap the benefits of putting pen to paper.

How Irritable Bowel Syndrome Ruined My Mental Health

I had just started to recover from glandular fever, backed up by tonsillitis. Finally feeling myself again, I hit another health hurdle. I stopped going to the toilet. Completely. It started with slight stomach discomfort, and ended in crippling spasms in both my stomach and back.

What I Wish I Knew Before My First Panic Attack

Because it happens out of nowhere. I remember my first panic attack so vividly. Considering it was only six months ago, that might not sound so significant, but the entire feeling has stuck with me since. It was a regular day, busy, but nothing out of the ordinary.


Meet The Brand Making Lipsticks Good Enough To Eat

I've always preferred organic cosmetics. As someone with troubled skin, I find using natural products always helps settle down acne and any other discomfort on my face. But as someone who also obsessively uses lip balm multiple times a day, ironically, I've never thought very much about the lip products I use.

From Primer Virgin To Addict: The Primers That Converted Me

My makeup routine has always been simple: apply foundation, dab on some concealer, set with powder, then accentuate with winged eyeliner and a quick sweep of mascara. I rarely venture beyond the boundaries of this regime, because every attempt at doing so has resulted in a #Pinterestfail of epic proportions.


Time IV Change
10 Easy Ways To Live Sustainably

The rise in disposable items and our excessive 'laziness' to simply use what is convenient, affordable and available is something we are all guilty of contributing to. The notion of sustainability has been around for decades, yet there is a common perception nowadays that living sustainability requires too much time and effort.


26 Signs You're With Your Forever Person

Because sometimes "just knowing" isn't so easy. Finding your perfect match doesn't always happen easily or spontaneously; as much as every Sandra Bullock film we've ever watched would have us believe. Many of us are still searching for our soulmate, (or doing everything we can to find them).

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