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If you are looking for an effective method to avoid pregnancy without using any pills then Lady-Comp is the perfect choice for you. Visit the site to get fertility monitoring devices now!!!

Why Lady-Comp

Lady-Comp is programmed with all natural family planning research data, it contains a database of more than 900 000 cycles and uses bio-mathematical forecasting calculations as well as the very latest computer techniques. It is a personal fertility monitor, which learns and adjusts to your individual cycle regardless of irregularities or cycle length.

Fertility & contraception monitor - natural, non-hormonal birth control method & device for...

If you want to avoid pregnancy naturally without subjecting your body to artificial methods, then the natural contraception monitor is your perfect choice. Lady-Comp is the intelligent , non-invasive, natural method of contraception - a next-generation fertility monitor that learns, analyses and indicates ovulation, fertile and non-fertile days with 99.3% premium accuracy, which is free of invasive hormones and side effects.