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Kylea Pearson

English Tutor

Location icon United States

I am currently a college student studying for a degree in English Literature in pursuit of my Ph.D. I have experience with several different platforms touching on Film, Writing, Editing, and Photography. I am a great public speaker and I enjoy working in a team environment but I do enjoy independent work as well. I also enjoy a hobby of singing/songwriting and strumming twelve steel strings.

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The Beat

Songwriters are the backbone of the music industry and original lyrics will never compare to "bought lyrics." In 2019 it feels as though there are no original melodies or words coming from our car radios and we often find ourselves wondering why our favorite artists aren't given the same attention as artists who don't write...

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Anti-abortion group on campus reignites free speech debate

College campuses are known for supporting differing opinions and ideas, but on Monday, Aug. 27, a different idea was displayed on the main campus in front of Building 6. Tall graphic images stood in the quad of unborn fetuses and "abortion aftermath." Pamphlets were strewn about the campus and those handing them out were walking...

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Trump's National Emergency Protested in San Mateo

People gathered in front of the Bank Of America Financial Center in San Mateo on Feb. 18, Presidents Day, to protest against President Trump's national emergency call for the new border wall. The protest was held by the progressive policy organizations MoveOn and supported by Indivisible.

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Editorial: It's My Money and I Want It Now!

In today's political climate, women's compensation still weighs lower than a man's, in a drastic way. For the same job, a woman in California makes 90 cents to a man's dollar. This may not seem like much but the numbers add up and the paychecks don't.

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The Beat: Tasty Licks in Double Necks

Two times the trouble, two times the practice, and two times the arm strength. Double-neck guitars are a long-forgotten art form that musicians today need to heave back into the music industry with full force in order to preserve the magnificent sound of double-trouble steel strings.

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The Beat with Kylea Pearson: You can't Spell 'Meh' Without 'Me!'

Music is made to move. It has the ability to take you higher, bring you down, humble you and create unimaginable foregrounds within the widespread imaginations of creators and listeners. Taylor Swift has been a suspect of this act of moving mountains within the music industry and in people's lives, my life included.

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The Beat with Kylea Pearson; What is Emo-Trap?

The surprising collaboration in a recent release between popular artists Brendon Urie and Benny Blanco and Juice WRLD have left fans and musicians wondering, what is emo-trap? This new genre of music has exploded in the rap and alternative music industry. Though Panic! At The Disco is not everyone's favorite band, the collaborative song, "Roses",...

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The Beat with Kylea Pearson: From Crowns to Spiders for Billie Eilish

Every musician has a theme, whether it derive from their aesthetic or something that resonates with them and their art. Billie Eilish utilizes her fearlessness in order to help her music stand out and also to ruffle the feathers of anyone who tries to step on her toes.

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The Beat with Kylea Pearson: And Suddenly it's 2007

With the release of new music from some of our beloved childhood artists, it feels as though we have time traveled back to the early 2000s. We cannot travel into the future, however, so we can't tell how long these throwback artists will continue on in the music industry but it's clear they have missed...

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