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Opportunity is all about perspective, all you need a new point of view to see it.

Writer, poet, swimmer and novice violinist (so please don't ask me to play Zigeunerweisen Op. 20 *yet*).
What I can do now however is write engaging and informative copy, adaptable and flexible so you know I can and will deliver, all you have to do is give me the opportunity.

London Runway
Tommy Hilfiger partners with UK rental platform, Rotaro

The American clothing brand has partnered with Rotaro for a six-month trial period for rental in attempts to be more sustainable. This will be the second time the brand has had a rental partnership in the UK, with the first being with My Wardrobe HQ. From July 27, customers are now able to rent pieces...

Golf Business Tech
Golf & Technology: How Inrange is changing the game

Golf has come a long way from its inception in the 15th century, with technology reinventing and incorporating techniques that would have been nigh impossible decades ago Golf has come a long way from its inception in the 15th century, with technology reinventing and incorporating techniques that would have been nigh impossible decades ago.

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Asda, ASOS and Boohoo being investigated over claims of greenwashing

It was announced on Friday that the three fashion brands - Asda's George,ASOS, and Boohoo - are now under investigation by the Competition and MarketsAuthority (CMA) on their claims of being eco-friendly. The three companies are being accused of greenwashing, which can bedefined as a marketing tool employed by organisations using disinformation inattempts to deceive...

London Runway
Rise Of Rotting Rags: How UK Fast Fashion Is Impacting Ghana

Lining the shores of an Accra beach, in numerous colours and of various fabrics are clothes. Many already discoloured due to their lengthy exposure to the elements. This is one of the many adverse effects of the UK's fast fashion industry on the environment particularly in countries like Ghana, with areas continuously overflowing with unwanted...

London Runway
Tongoro: Creativity, Culture, Connection

Fashion has always been akin to storytelling: the array of fabrics and materials are a designer’s words. Stitching, from chain to multi-thread, are the conjunctions. Every piece is a distinct chapter, all coming together to show consumers the journey from sketch to show.

London Runway
London Fashion Week unveils September schedule with Raf Simmons making his debut

The British Fashion Council (BFC) on Monday unveiled the provisional September schedule for London Fashion Week's (LFW) Spring/Summer 2023 collections. The week will see Richard Quinn, Simone Rocha, and Erdem among others, as well as favourites like Bora Aksu will show face once more especially since he was one of the few designers to have...

London Runway
Greggs and Primark team up again for a new fashion collection

After a shocking yet impressive collaboration back in February which saw people walking around in sweatshirts, socks and shoes with the Greggs logo and items selling out within hours, Greggs and Primark seem to once again be in a collaborative spirit. This time, the brands are going far bigger than before.

London Runway
Homegoing Book Review

Each month, our resident book club reviews a new must-read volume that will help to educate, inform, entertain, and thrill you. This week, Kwabena Gyane reviews Ghanaian-American Yaa Gyasi’s 2016 debut novel, Homegoing.

The Future Of Retail: What Is Next For Retail?

The pandemic helped accelerate the inevitable and allowed eCommerce to become essential to the average consumer. When brick and mortar retail stores closed, many businesses had to rely on the Internet to reach their consumers and with this came hurdles many traditional retailers that had never created an online presence had to face.

Five Dot Botanics
The Five Benefits of Plant-Based Skincare

Plant-based skincare can improve and protect your skin. It is also a gentle option for use on damaged skin and can help your skin microbiome flourish through working with your skin's flora. There is as much science behind plant-based skincare as synthetic skincare and there are a number of benefits.

Five Dot Botanics
Five Tips To Protect Your Skin While Keeping Fit

Sports and exercise are clearly essential for our health, improving many aspects of the body, from muscles to the heart. However, did you know that exercise can promote your skin's health by improving circulation? Exercise is an excellent way to ease stress, which also aids to reduce the effect of stress-related skin concerns, such as acne which can heal a lot slower when you're stressed.

Five Dot Botanics
Quiet Radicals: Zero Carbon Farm

For the first time, our Quiet Radical is not a person rather a business and Zero Carbon Farms (ZCF) to us was the best business to start with. An AgTech (agriculture technology) company that creates and runs controlled environment farms underground, providing a more sustainable solution to agriculture.

Five Dot Botanics
Gift To The Skin: Which Gift Set Is Right For You?

The season of giving is upon us and whether you plan on giving to others or treating yourself (you deserve it), our gift set edit includes gifts perfect for everyone in the family. We've put together this guide to discover which one is right for you or your loved one.

Five Dot Botanics
Quiet Radicals: Sofia Karim

A phone call on August 5th 2018 saw artist and architect Sofia Karim’s world fracture upon the discovery that her beloved uncle, Shahidul Alam had been arrested in Bangladesh for ‘tarnishing the image of the nation’ when he made ‘provocative comments’ in an interview.

Five Dot Botanics
Skincare routine for a relaxed bedtime

When was the last time you prepared your mind for sleep and focussed on a slow bedtime ritual to help you relax and unwind at the end of the day? For better sleep and a mindful end to your day, you don't need to look far to create a mindful bedtime routine.

Five Dot Botanics
World Vegan Day: What does vegan skincare mean?

Vegan skincare is still relatively new and a growing area in skincare. To celebrate World Vegan Day, we at Five Dot Botanics want to show you what vegan skincare means, what counts as vegan skincare and how to immediately tell if a product you are using is vegan or vegetarian-friendly or even just cruelty-free.

Five Dot Botanics
Quiet Radicals: Vanessa Nakate

The year is 2019, January 2019 to be exact, 22-year-old Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan climate justice activist stands alone at Parliament Avenue in Kampala, protesting against the inaction on the climate crisis. She doesn’t know whether anyone else other than her siblings will join her outside the gates of the Parliament of Uganda, but she is still willing to protest and make her voice heard.

Five Dot Botanics
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Skin Changes After Treatment

From the initial shock upon discovery to the relieved sigh upon treatment completion, surviving breast cancer is not an easy feat. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy can all cause changes to your skin during and after treatment, from dryness to photosensitivity, these changes can take you by surprise.

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Quiet Radicals: Simon Butler

What is a Quiet Radical? Every single day, there are people all across the globe who inspire and motivate, initiating change through acts, whether big or small, to make the world a better place. Leading by example and going against the status quo by simply asking, "Why not?"

Five Dot Botanics
Five Steps To Live A More Organic and Sustainable Lifestyle

National Organic September is a month-long campaign which aims to raise awareness of organic products, and the brands, producers and the benefits organic living can have on ourselves and the environment. What is an organic and sustainable lifestyle?

Five Dot Botanics
Quiet Radicals: Ankit Kawatra

A place with music, laughter and food was where 22-year-old Ankit Kawatra was struck with inspiration. In 2014 at an Indian wedding, he bore witness to the excessive food wastage that was happening with such ease and with India having over 190 million people who are malnourished, he asked himself, “Why not help the hungry?”