Katie Viesselman

Multimedia Editor

Location icon United States of America

Hello! My name is Katie Viesselman and I am a freshman at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I am a freelance photographer and videographer, working to tell stories of all types across campus.

The Clarion
Humans of Bethel: Jim Beilby

By Katie Viesselman As a professor at Bethel, how has being in that position shaped your faith? I would honestly say that it's shaped it ... potentially more than my students have. Let me explain that. If you're a student, you're kind of receiving that in a passive way.

The Clarion
Humans of Bethel: Willy Issa & Nicole Miller

By Katie Viesselman My Faith Growing Up: Nicole Miller My faith growing up was a lot of what other people viewed me as and not what my individual relationship with Christ looked like. I was always striving to reach that goal or reach that fulfillment and satisfaction that I thought I would get...

The Clarion
Loosen up

Photography by Katie Viesselman