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KT Nelson's Favorite 5 Self-Owns Of 2017, A Grand Countdown

Hey kids, 2017 has been a real fuck, and one of the few silver linings to the Rise of Morons is the morons who ruthlessly owned themselves for our amusement. As the year draws to a close, the folks at CAFE asked me to compile my top 5 favorites.

Baked Alaska: In Memoriam

It's been a full fortnight since the Twitter community lost one of its most controversial figures, Baked Alaska. And as is often the way with such things, his years-long run of intentional and unintentional notoriety came to an end not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Don't Tweet at Your Idols

Image by Lia Kantrowitz One of my favorite shows growing up was the early 90s sketch comedy series The State. It was like a proto-weird Twitter, and the actors that comprised the troupe went on to create a lot of my other favorite shows and films, including Wet Hot American Summer, Stella, and Reno 911.

2017 Golden Dukes Winners Announced!

TPM is pleased to announce the winners of the 11th Annual Golden Duke Awards recognizing the year's best purveyors of public corruption, outlandish behavior, The Crazy, and general nonsense in this fine nation's political arena. The awards are named in honor of former Rep.

Twitter Suspended Me for Trolling White Supremacists

Image by Lia Kantrowitz What is it like to attend your own funeral? In my mind, it has to be something like waking up on a Monday morning, logging onto Twitter, and finding out that your account, 112,000 followers and all, has been suspended.

Trump Fans Are Owning Libs by Losing All Their Friends

Growing up, I spent every holiday down in southern Virginia with my mother's family. Christmases, Thanksgivings, Fourths of July-all were commemorated by weekends of parties, dinners, and barbecues that were attended by every member of my extended family from first cousins to my great aunt's weird third husband.

The Many Online Misadventures of Donald Trump, Junior

Monday afternoon, the Atlantic's Julia Ioffe revealed that WikiLeaks sent messages to Donald Trump Jr., who responded to some of them. While not proof of the Trump campaign's alleged "collusion" with Russia, let alone any actual crime, young Trump's apparently cordial relationship with a group that leaked hacked Democratic emails is just the latest piece of evidence that is adding up to one inescapable conclusion: Junior is just not very bright.

'Nathan for You' Is a Perfect Indictment of Late Capitalism

Comedy Central There has been a lot of talk these past few years of "Prestige Television." Personally, I tend to scoff at this generally dumbshit term, which is all too often used interchangeably with "Expensive to Make Television" (looking at you, Westworld). But for one special show, I think the term applies-and that show is Nathan for You.

The Late, Great John Mahoney Was Frasier's Father, and Yours Too

NBC/Getty Images Veteran actor John Mahoney, who portrayed Martin Crane on the hit 1990s sitcom Frasier, passed away this week-and I'm inconsolable. I normally don't mourn celebrities I never knew, but Frasier's my absolute favorite show of all time, and I feel as if I knew Martin more than most people know their own friends.