Bachelor of Arts in Journalism & Mass Communication, with a Minor in Writing

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Hello, my name is Krysta Ryan and I live in historic North Bend, Ohio near Cincinnati. I am a recent graduate from Ashford University with a BA in Journalism and Mass Communication, with a Minor in Writing. I have a professional background working within the nonprofit sector as a Senior Store Manager and Social Media Manager.
Member of the Society of Professional Journalists, American Forestry Association and Arbor Day Foundation.

Highlights & Events

Artworks, # Be the Secret Campaign Artist
Hamilton County Board of Elections Election Official (PEO)
Artswave Youth Apprentice Interviewer
Vision and Voices Professional Mock Interviewer

The ASH | Volume 3, Issue 1

Bleeding through my suit of armor Thousands locked away By horse reigns, that charmer This, for whom my heart Burns like a blacksmiths' steel flame Shield the forging dart Clutch like a vise With alien, slender digits In hell, mermaids bathe in ice A vibrant cascade illuminates my skin Free me from my chamber Yellow beams reflecting in Her lungs cry for salt Cast away my ship To battle.

Power Point Prenstation
Farm Subsidies

The Farmers Welfare

Journalistic Ethics
In the Eye of the Beholder

Perception and experiences shape our understanding of the world around us

Film Analysis of Chinatown
Film Analysis

Film Analysis of Chinatown

Academic Information Technology
Cyber Ethics

Rich discussion on cyber-ethics and the digital trends in our modern society.


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