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10 Habits Holding You Back From Health and Weight Loss

Do you spend hours at the gym but can't lose weight? Have you ever been extremely good about your diet for a few weeks, only to fall off track and wind up right where you began in the first place? Unfortunately, even when we have the best intentions, we can still veer off course.

The Top 10 Healthiest Eats on New York's Upper East Side

While it's already a struggle for most people to maintain a balanced diet-particularly in the dead of winter, when your body craves high-calorie comfort foods!-if you live or work on the Upper East Side you aren't privy to half as many health-centric restaurants as other parts of the city, like SoHo or the East Village.

10 Travel Tips for a Healthy Holiday Weekend

Maintaining healthy habits while traveling is challenging for most. While on vacation, we naturally want to enjoy ourselves by indulging more than usual. Away from our gyms and the food we normally eat, we're unable to follow our regular (hopefully healthy) routine.

10 Natural Ways To Wake Up Even Prettier

Getting adequate sleep could be the closest we get to the fountain of youth. Our bodies repair and recover while we are asleep. When we don't sleep, it affects our appearance as well as our ability to function at an optimum level.

Healthy Green Recipes To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

It's no secret that St. Patrick's Day celebrations tend to be tied to the excessive consumption of boozy drinks. (We're looking at you, green beer.) But it doesn't have to be that way-in fact, if you live near New York City, you can attend a Green Juice Crawl on Sunday.

Haru Kishi and Chip McLain Talk Hot Yoga and Plant-Based Diets at Summit

A weekend with Summit at their Powder Mountain location left me recharged, inspired and happy to have connected with some truly exceptional people. Ogden Valley provided a breathtaking canvas for expansive conversation, creative thinking, outdoor adventure and incredible farm-to-table food. "It all started when I came here and met the founders one weekend," explained Summit Executive Chef, Haru Kishi.

10 Ways to Kick Cravings for Good

The human body is nothing short of amazing: without cue, we know when to sleep, when to wake up and when go to the bathroom. Your body maintains a temperature of 98.6 degrees, repairs itself when wounded and performs the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth if you are a woman.

Welcome to Summit at Sea, Where Dr. Dean Ornish Talks 'Turning Genes Off'

A 20-deck ship packed with 3,000 business and tech entrepreneurs headed across international waters from Miami last Wednesday, on a three-day trip aboard the Norwegian Escape. The fully inclusive accommodations ranged from shared rooms starting at $2,000 per person and individual minisuites for $7,000, to luxury penthouses with a private sundeck and pool for VIP guests.

The Superfoods You Need to Stop Throwing Away

There are a number of foods many consider scraps and routinely throw away with the rest of our garbage. Take a moment to pause and consider the fact that you could be wasting the most nutritious parts of your meal, as the stems, skins and tops of fruits and vegetables often contain even more nutrients than the main fruit or vegetable itself.