Kristine Luna

Digital Writing and Publicity Intern

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Currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Communications with a double minor in Marketing and Arts and Entertainment Management. Seeking positions in digital and print writing and public relations in the entertainment field.

Super Beauty Saves The Day!

Inspirational Soul Artist TiffanyJ has a powerful message she wants to share to the world - she created a doll that speaks words of encouragement. TiffanyJ NAACP 109th Convention Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center Tomorrow - July 18th

This New Superhero Doll Hopes To Help Young Black Girls Battling Depression - Essence

A new doll is here to help young girls embrace their beauty while promoting confidence. The plush Super Beauty doll was created by artist Tiffany J to help young girls combat low self-esteem. The doll, loaded with 20 positive catchphrases and affirmations, strives to empower young girls who are mentally and emotionally affected by depression and or bullying.

am New York
'The MAAFA' returns to St. Paul Community Baptist Church

For 24 years, St. Paul Community Baptist Church in East New York has presented "The MAAFA," a large-scale theatrical production that explores the trauma endured by African slaves, including the deadly "Middle Passage" journey of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The church itself is also transformed into a museum containing artwork and historical artifacts.

Special Needs Resource
Stephanie Gives: Raising Rett Syndrome Awareness Through Friendship - Special Needs Resource

"The Best Girlfriends Ever" is Stephanie Gives' latest book centers around Tiffanie, a young girl with Rett Syndrome, and her best friends, the "Devine Sisters" that accompany Tiffanie on her summer adventure and create everlasting memories. Their journey encourages acceptance as well as highlighting the power of friendship and empowering other girls that helps children achieve limitless possibilities.


Front Page Main Inspirational personality, music artist, and long-time self-esteem advocate TiffanyJ is kicking off Mental Health Awareness Week (Oct 7-Oct 13) and Bullying Prevention Month with her Inaugural Buddies, Not Bullies Rally at the SC State House led by self-esteem mascot Super Beauty (created by TiffanyJ).

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