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Hey there! My name is Kristin and I am originally from Albuquerque, NM, but currently reside in Dallas, TX. I am a passionate writer who enjoys creating content across multiple channels and mediums. I strive to enhance my educational and professional skills in order to build a long-term career with opportunities for career growth. Here is a little taste of my work. I hope you like it.

Deaf Bible Society Stories
Blood Shed for Bloodshed

"Here in South Sudan, we have grown up divided. Most of us have seen our family members killed or maimed... [but] God's Word is teaching us that our past experiences do not have to hinder us." Picture what your life would be in a place you never felt safe.

Deaf Bible Society Stories
Why are Deaf people groups among the last to receive God's Word?

Throughout history, Deaf people have been shunned or cast out of hearing communities. During the time of Greek philosophers Aristotle and Socrates, Deaf people were thought to have no intelligence. During Hitler's reign, Deaf people were tested and tormented in science experiments.

Deaf Bible Society Stories
How are spoken and signed languages different?

Communication is a basic human need. Language is the primary way to communicate, but its expression is different between the hearing and Deaf communities. Spoken languages are expressed through oral and aural means-spoken with the voice and heard by the ears. Signed languages are expressed gesturally and visually-signed by the hands and face and seen by the eyes.

Deaf Bible Society Stories
Why isn’t there a universal sign language?

The idea that there is a universal sign language is one of the biggest misconceptions about the Deaf population. In the same way that the world contains many spoken languages, there are many signed languages too. Equivalent to spoken languages, signed languages are naturally occurring in communities all over the world.

Deaf Bible Society Stories
Why don't Deaf people just learn to read?

Of the 70 million Deaf people in the world, only 2% currently have access to Scripture in their sign language. Join us in praying for these Deaf communities. Text the word PRAY to 444999 for a monthly email and weekly prayer reminders.

Deaf Bible Society Stories
What does prayer mean to you?

Imagine a life without prayer... A life without hope, without comfort, without communication between you and the all-powerful, all-knowing, timeless Father. A Father who loves you unconditionally. A Father who wants to make all things work together for your good.

Made to Move
Made to Move

The Bible tells us that God has created each person unique with his or her own set of gifts. It is our decision to use those gifts or to neglect them. We are called to be good stewards of our time, of our money and our talents.

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