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Kristina (Tina) Brandt

Public Relations and Marketing professional

Location icon United States

Kristina is a content creator with a focus on branded storytelling with over three years of marketing experience for independent businesses and corporations. She has a proven ability to grow online brand presence and community engagement through digital communications and networking.

She also has a background in freelance writing for small businesses and nonprofits along with event planning, fundraising, and customer service skills. She currently volunteers with Girls on the Run Long Island and manages their social media platforms.

Wilmington University-Graphic Design program
Save Today, Save Tomorrow PSA Campaign

I created this PSA triplet ad series and accompanying campaign as part of my Concept Development course at Wilmington University.

Final project for Photoshop course
Turtle Travel

As part of my Photoshop course in my graphic design certificate program, I created this surreal collage/composite in Adobe Photoshop.

PR and Marketing Samples

106.1 BLI

An event press release I wrote created for the GOTR Long Island Spring 5K. Also published on WBAB's website.

Southern New Hampshire University Project
Brand Plan for "Tea, My Shelf, and I"

A presentation for the creation of a new fictional brand, "Tea, My Shelf, and I". It covers the creation of the brand, culture, communications plan, and sales opportunities.

Southern New Hampshire University Project
How is the Entertainment Industry Engaging Audiences?

A presentation created for my Master's program on audience engagement in the entertainment industry. Speakers notes not included. Email me for the full presentation if interested.

Southern New Hampshire University Project
Disney Dec. 2016 Press Release Infographic

This was created as part of my final project for my Communication Design course for my Master's. This infographic was created using the press release from the Walt Disney Studios

Southern New Hampshire University Project
It Comes From Within Campaign for Nike

For my Integrated Public Relations course. Created in response to a hypothetical RFP if Nike were to introduce a line of energy bars.

Southern New Hampshire University Project
Mass Communication Portfolio

A sample of mass writing styles for Master's program: website content, press release, internal memo, infographic, and a speech.

Southern New Hampshire University Paper
Digital Identity Management

Created as the final paper for the university's Identity and Personal Brands course describing the use and best practices of digital marketing in relations to personal and professional brands.

Nonprofit Work

Girls Inc. of Long Island
2017 Annual Report for Girls Inc. of Long Island

I created the 2017 Annual Report as the Marketing and Communications Intern for Girls Inc. of Long Island, highlighting events from the past year and posting statistics to show growth and successes within the past year.

Girls Inc. of Long Island (@girlsinclongisland) * Instagram photos and videos

554 Followers, 255 Following, 373 Posts - As of Dec. 27, 2017. From August 2017-December 2017, I ran the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for Girls Inc. of Long Island. Here is where you can find all the Instagram posts I created during my internship. During this time, the number of Instagram followers GILI had grew by 28%.

Southern New Hampshire University Paper
#AbuseorLove Campaign for the Joyful Heart Foundation

For my final paper for the university's social media course, I created a social media campaign for the nonprofit, The Joyful Heart. The campaign utilizes hashtags and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and YouTube.

The Daily Fandom-Literature Contributor

The Daily Fandom
#AmReading: Hamilton and Peggy!- Never Underestimate Peggy Schuyler

Pre-2016, if you came across a historical fiction novel about Peggy Schuyler during the American Revolution, you probably wouldn't think much of it. You likely wouldn't know who she was. However, since Hamilton: An American Musical debuted, there has been an interest in not only the life of founding father Alexander Hamilton but also of the Schuyler sisters.

The Daily Fandom
A Review of the National Bestseller "We Are Pirates"

If we're judging a book by its cover, then Daniel Handler's We Are Pirates should be filled with swashbuckling adventure. Although set in modern-day San Francisco, you prepare to go on a journey with a teenage girl and a rag-tag group of strangers as they become actual pirates.

The Daily Fandom
#AmReading: 'Under the Black Flag'- Pirate Lore VS. Pirate Reality

It's safe to say our general knowledge of pirates and life on the high seas comes from pirate lore. With works like Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island , J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan , and movies like Hook and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, pirate fans have a vast amount of mythology to work with.

Freelance Writing Samples

Networking Tips From Successful Introverts | Ploymint

Being an introvert at a networking event isn't automatically a recipe for disaster. There have been a number of successful business professionals like Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Google co-founder Larry Page who have been able to interact with the public while remaining introverts.

The Penny Hoarder
Before You Toss That Receipt, Use It to Save Money and Get Free Stuff

October 11, 2015 | Updated 11 days ago Often, those receipts invite you to take a customer satisfaction survey. You complete the survey to help a business provide better service, and, in return, the company gives you discounts and freebies. Not all receipt offers are equal, though.

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