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I am a Junior Journalism and Business Management major at Stony Brook University. Everyone has their own stories to tell, yet, their voices are often unheard; stories are mostly unspoken. I would like to tell their stories because every voice matters. Reveal your feelings, let go of your emotions through words and let them represent you.


The Stony Brook Press

Back to the Brook: Behind the Scenes Full disclosure: Kristie Kam holds intern positions at both The Stony Brook Press and with USG's VP of Student Life. Back to the Brook, a Stony Brook tradition since Fall 2013, has been one of the biggest events to kick off a new semester.

Scars might be Permanent, but your Pain Speaks

When you tell a sexual assault survivor that "time heals and everything will be fine," you just make things worse by rubbing salt into the wounds. Perhaps we all need to take some time to rethink what sexual assault is. What if we let our emotions cloud our judgment?

Student Clubs and Organizations Gamble on Rooms for Events in SAC

SB Life implemented an online room reservation system this summer in the hopes of making the process of accommodating the 436 clubs on campus more efficiently. Following the renovation of the Student Union in May, clubs which held their events on the second floor in the Union are now forced to request spaces in the SAC instead.

The LongIslander

Stony Brook's crew team strives for better funding to compete in more races

By Jedidiah Hendrixson and Kristie Kam With four major races to go this spring, all costing between $1,000 and $4,000, but only $12,000 left in their operating budget, Stony Brook's crew team campaign is in jeopardy. Of the four races, one of them is the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference Championships (MARC), which counts as a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition.

Stony Brook's Muslim Students Association fights negative stereotypes of Islam

By Kristie Kam and Jim Ferchland The Muslim Students Association hosted its annual Islamic Awareness Week on March 21st to 24th, aiming to communicate the true teachings of Islam and act against any negativities on terrorist attacks. During the week, MSA invited students to participate in lectures, discussions and interactive activities.

Women coders disadvantaged by gender

By Kristie Kam and Abigail Wolfenberger Women are better coders than men but are hindered by gender, a study released in February by researchers at California Polytechnic State University and North Carolina State University suggests. The study analyzed 1.4 million users on Github, one of the world's largest open source communities.

The Odyssey

Travel To Find Yourself

As a travel enthusiast, I got to meet a lot people from different backgrounds since I was small. It is kind of a family tradition for me and my parents to travel to somewhere we have never been at least once a year.

What Greek Life Has Given Me

The question of whether or not to go Greek is often something freshmen think about when they first enter college. Stereotypical views about sororities and fraternities exist because of all the possible hazing incidents in Greek life being reported on the news. People were a bit surprised when they realized I joined a co-ed professional fraternity.

To My Third Year In College

It was just like yesterday that I started my summer vacation. But I am actually moving in back to school tomorrow for my student assistant job training on campus. This year will be my third year in college.