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Freelance writer focused on culture and music. Common appearance in Discorder and Exclaim Magazine. Philosophy graduate from UBC.



Resident Advisor
Review: M.E.S.H. in Vancouver

James Whipple, a founding member of Berlin's Janus collective, stands in a twilight zone between the stage and the club floor. In an interview with 032c, the West Coast expat better known as M.E.S.H. made a distinction between his functional job as a DJ and the more expressive work of his productions.

The Ubyssey
Counselling TB patients in Uzbekistan for Doctors Without Borders

"There's a fear of the disease. Patients are afraid of dying, they're afraid of people knowing about the disease and they're afraid of the drugs," he said. "Their families are afraid of the stigma, they're afraid of the government, they're afraid of poverty and the list goes on."

Ramzi - Houti Kush

Strange things happen at night; stranger still are the things that happen in the nocturnal tropical kingdom of Phoebe Guillemot's latest release for 1080p Collection, as Ramzi. Even if you stripped it of its layered samples of tropical critters, the amount of detail in Houti Kush would still sound like the sonic equivalent of a lush rainforest, teeming with creatures of all forms that lurk between the vines and branches.


Disruption was the theme of the 10 year anniversary of Fuse. Doubling with the occasion of the first installment of the International Symposium of Electronic Arts (ISEA) in Canada since Montreal in '95, the entirety of Robson Square was converted from its ordinary public functions into a concentrated and accelerated art party.

Mourning Coup

I meet Chandra Ponyboy Melting Tallow at Jericho Beach on a picture-perfect Friday afternoon. Dressed in red from head to toe, including a letterman sports jacket qualifying her for the cast of Cry Baby, Melting Tallow's figure is brightly contrasted against the pacific tones of the Burrard Inlet and its mountainous background.

New Forms Festival 2014

A recipe for Vancouver's New Forms Festival? Take the overload of visual stimuli found at a live concert, add the cavernous ambience of a warehouse rave, pull a few installations from your neighbouring contemporary art museum, and put everything together - and don't forget the tasty pakora stand parked outside.

Homegrown Labels

Género [ ˈxe̞. ne. ɾo̞] - Genre, gender, to generate, and textile. The multiplicity of meanings behind the Spanish namesake of the record label run by Soledad Muñoz, serves well to characterize its versatile functions. Releasing tapes by female artists is one of these functions, with a discography that so far includes releases by D.

Leisure Collective
Anders Vendelbo (Nord Records) - Aarhus, Denmark - Leisure Collective

Nord Records is a fairly young affair, springing out of the creative community of Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus. Following the record label's name and permafrost stricken artwork, the sounds behind the label are not out of place with the vast landscapes beyond the populated niches of the Nordic countries.

Ariel Pink / Jack Name The Rickshaw Theatre, Vancouver BC, February 11

Ariel Pink's lanky build and post-Cobain hairdo were only the surface of the odd presence that he brought with him to the Rickshaw Theatre. After unconfidently greeting the audience, he asked for more smoke to fill the stage, at first jokingly, but eventually he grew insistent about it, demanding more smoke before he could start.

Content Writing


It's that time of the year when Vancouver turns into a paradise for anyone with a set of pedal-powered wheels. To help you get inspired to take your bike out for a ride on the road, we'll be highlighting some of the best destinations within a stone's throw from Vancouver.


The area south of Richmond's sprawl might not be on top of the list of weekend spots for Vancouverites, but if fresh wild salmon is of interest to you, it's worth thinking twice about. Steveston is home to one of the oldest fishing villages in the province, and aside from having an interesting heritage to ...

Academic Publications

Future Lives and Present Values

Scheffler's Death and the Afterlife puts forward the claim that the continuation of life after our own deaths is important to the formation of our values. This argument is backed by the implications of a

Feuerbach's Projected Religious Consciousness Within the Space of Hyperreality

Developments in materialism during the 19th century paved the way for atheism and a deconstruction of religion. However, the work of Ludwig Feuerbach whose theory of religion as a projection of human nature into an objectified form provided a basis for Marx & Engels’s materialism was largely contained from further study by their as well as Stirner’s criticism, which objected to the abstracted form that the concepts of religion and human nature assume in his work. I propose appropriating...

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