Kristen Price

Learning Experience Designer | Writer | Content Creator

United States

Hello – I’m Kristen!

As a learning experience designer and writer, I have over 15 years’ experience designing and developing learning content for a variety of customers. I began my career teaching and creating in a pre-kindergarten classroom. But after a few years, I made the leap to instructional design, where I’ve been ever since.

With Masters' in Education and Library and Information Science, I discovered it is the writing and developing of learning content that I enjoy the most. I’ve been fortunate to create for a number of customers in many different industries, and have learned so much from them. I enjoy helping customers discover how good content can transform learning opportunities for everyone.

While not creating courses, in my spare time, I have also enjoyed writing for a few local publications on a variety of topics such as theater, travel, books, and current events.

What I can do for You:

- Needs Assessment
- Learning Content Development (Online, Instructor-led, Microlearning, etc.)
- Writing (Creative, Technical, etc.)
- Process Development
- Documentation
- Accessibility
- Research
- Editing & Quality Assurance

If you’re interested in developing learning content, or could use assistance with writing and content creation, I’d love to connect!

Scrappy Travels
What Theatre Means to Me

My first experience with the theatre was watching "Jesus Christ Superstar" in Seventh grade. I remember sitting in class completely mesmerized by what was on the screen. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I was hooked from the very first chords of the overture.

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Interview: Bruce Nelson from Everyman Theatre on 'The Book of Joseph'

As a resident member of the company of Everyman Theatre, Bruce Nelson has had the opportunity to portray all sorts of characters. Though this season, in addition to the imagined, he's been given the chance to portray two very different real-life people. In "M. Butterfly", he played the American diplomat Gallimard.
BWW Review: THE CALL OF THE WILD at Baltimore Theatre Project Intrigues

I had never heard of the Baltimore Theatre Project. As someone who fancies herself pretty up on the theater scene in the area, I was very surprised that it had never been on my radar. The Baltimore Theatre Project is a small regional theater located in the arts district of Baltimore City.