Kristen Perrone

Entertainment Writer at Elite Daily

United States

Kristen currently works as an Entertainment Writer for Elite Daily. She has previously written and edited for Her Campus, Electronic Products, New York Minute, and the UK's Health & Fitness. Open to freelance opportunities, Kristen has also studied video news production. Covering anything from the latest Bachelor Nation breakup to a new engineering breakthrough, she has adapted her writing to fit various kinds of publications.

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Elite Daily
Diana Silvers Wants To Be More Than Just A Pretty Face

Diana Silvers is poised in front of a vanity mirror with her phone in hand. She and I have just moved a series of bags holding the door open, and before sitting down again, she peeks at a notification on her screen. "You ever feel like when your...

Elite Daily
Watch Olivia Wilde Direct Jason Sudeikis In A Hilarious Undercover Lyft Video

Choosing to join a carpool via your ride-sharing app always entails a meeting with interesting characters, but your experience probably doesn't beat that of a handful of recent Lyft passengers. Ahead of the premiere of their movie Booksmart, an undercover Jason Sudeikis chauffeured unsuspecting Lyft riders while his Booksmart director and fiancée Olivia Wilde guided the conversation from afar.

Her Campus
What You Need to Know About National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

This year, Feb. 26 through March 4 is the 30th annual National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. Run by the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), this week's mission is to emphasize knowledge about eating disorders and help those who may be affected by them.