Kris Harvey

Freelance Game Journalist

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I am a Toronto-based content writer.

Currently, I write for Enthusiast Gaming, and MediaCraft. My work addresses game design and popular music from a critical perspective.

I am also interested in tech, media culture, animal ethics, and communications. These interests are often reflected in my work.

Games Worth Buying: How Final Fantasy XV Was Destined for Commercial Success

Surely, developing the next installment in a series as iconic as Final Fantasy is no easy task. In some ways, a franchise's popularity can be a curse as much as it is a blessing. An upcoming title in the Final Fantasy franchise will always bear the weight of pre-release hype, and forgiveness is not a trait that comes easily to disappointed fans.

Games Worth Buying: Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue

There's no game quite like Kingdom Hearts. When it was first released in 2002 for PlayStation 2, the mixture of Square Enix's hallmark designs with iconic Disney characters was something that had never been seen before. Surely, Disney icons have graced the video game industry before.

The 2017 Grammy's: Who Will Take Home Song of the Year? | Music

With 2016 drawing rapidly to a close, the 59th Annual Grammy Music Awards will soon be upon us. 2016 has shown itself to be an excellent year for music. The Recording Academy's official list of nominees does away with our predictions and lets us really place our bids on a winner.

Gaming Copyright: What do we Owe, and Where do we Draw the Line?

"There are numerous grey areas in the video games industry when it comes to copyright. What do we as consumers owe, and what is owed to us?" "It's naive to think that developers and intellectual property owners don't need or deserve protection. Ultimately, the Sega Dreamcast – a system with so much promise – was put to death by out-of-control piracy. Greed can sometimes get the best of all of us. Consumers and producers alike deserve fairer copyright practices, though each parties...

Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch: Going Forward as a Nintendo Fan

"On console, there isn't much more that can be explored or said about Skyrim. So, its appearance in the Nintendo Switch ads are an odd choice. However, on the part of Nintendo, there's no doubt that it's an intentional choice. Clearly, Nintendo is trying to send a message."

The Abominations of Zelda and Why They Matter

"For the most part, Zelda takes itself pretty seriously in terms of design. Overall, we as players are supposed to feel that the problems that trouble Hyrule are serious; the game's main plot is not meant to be taken lightly. But Zelda's developers just can't help but dip their brush in the uncanny, strange, and altogether bizarre ink pot sometimes. Consequently, oddities occasionally show up and, often, when you least expect it."

How Video Games are Useful: Science & Medicine

"Gaming has long been misinterpreted as escapism by traditionalists and skeptics. If you haven’t grown up playing video games, it’s probably difficult to see the value in them. To the uninitiated, there isn’t a whole lot of depth to it; they’re just toys. It’s true that, for many of us, video games are oftentimes an outlet, and their value can be pretty shallow. We turn them on, they divert our attention from whatever else is at hand, and this is, supposedly, meant to be time wasted. But a...

Holding the Player's Hand: Learning to Play Zelda... Again

"Have you ever tried to share a meal with someone who won't shut-up? Your soup is getting cold and they're the only thing stopping you from enjoying it. It's difficult to not take this person's attempts at a conversation as interruptions and, eventually, they're going to exhaust your goodwill. Increasingly, this is what it's like to play a Legend of Zelda title on home console."

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