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Kimberley Radmacher

Writer and Branded Content Developer

Location icon Canada

Offering over 20 years of communications, content development, and non-profit management experience, I capture and deliver the content branding strategies of cutting edge companies from around the globe. I draw on my extensive academic research and business background to partner with brands, small businesses and entrepreneurs to develop click-worthy news articles, blog posts, product descriptions, social media blurbs, video scripts, and more.

Whether I’m working with non-profits and architects or I’m helping disruptors explain blockchain technology to non-specialists, I act as the interface between complex ideas and everyday audiences.



Three Risks for International Trade Companies and How to Manage Them

Entrepreneurs understand that running a business carries risks, so planning for risk is an essential skill for any new or established company. However, international trade companies have a unique set of potential financial hazards that that need to be managed in order to ensure steady cash flow and positive trade outcomes.

Parkin Architects Limited
The Impact of Scenic Views on Healing

Most of us know intuitively that our surroundings can affect our sense of well-being. If we're feeling stressed or anxious, for instance, a walk in the park or near a lake or even just sitting in a garden can make us instantly feel better.

Parkin Architects Limited
Correctional Facility Design for Staff Well-Being

Correctional facility design is undergoing a transformation as both correctional experts and designers recognize that spatial design, colour, good acoustics, natural light and views can have a healing effect for prisoners. Up to 50% of prisoners may enter the carceral system suffering with mental or psychological challenges; it's now accepted that design can play a positive therapeutic role when implemented effectively.

Ghost Written Articles

World Bank's Foray into the Crypto World Not All It's Cracked up to Be

Earlier this summer the World Bank announced that it would be issuing its first blockchain-based bond. The Bank has mandated the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) to issue the so-called "bond-i," an acronym that stands for "blockchain operated new debt instrument."

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