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Koya D. Perez, a Philly native, is a recent graduate from Delaware State University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Mass Communications. During her undergraduate years, she interned with two online fashion websites, Lets Restycle, and Modern Stitches Magazine, worked as a writing consultant and tutor, served as President of the student chapter of NABJ, worked continuously for The Hornet Newspaper, the student-run newspaper for DSU. Koya hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion journalist. One day, she plans to even start her own fashion magazine and/or column.

Clinton Campaign Presents "Mothers of the Movement" at DSU

By: Koya Perez This is reality. A mother's worst nightmare is losing her child. This nightmare has become reality for hundreds of black mothers across the United States. Beginning in 2013, the death of Trayvon Martin socked the world, and sparked a fire inside the hearts and souls of black people.

DSU Resolves Temporary Housing Issue

By: Koya Perez The school year got off to an unexpected start for roughly 40 students when they were placed in temporary housing at the Super 8 Motel in Dover at the start of the school year due to an overabundance of new students at Delaware State University for the 2016-2017 school year.

Power Suit: Revamping Women's Dress Code | Modern Stitches Magazine

Are women's fashion styles changing? Are they heading towards a more androgynous look? Bomber jackets and blazers paired with boyfriend jeans became a norm in 2016. Many centuries ago, you wouldn't dare see a woman in jeans, or even pants for that matter.

Gucci's Got Soul | Modern Stitches Magazine

Back in January, on Instagram Gucci released mini video clips of casting and audition tapes as a teaser for its new campaign. The video featured all African American men and women answering questions such as " What does it mean to have soul?" and " What's your spirit animal?

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