Alexander Konetzki

Lawyer, Writer, Editor

Location icon United States of America

Outstanding writer and editor with experience producing content for many different audiences in many different styles, including academic, policy, legal, and business / marketing.

Awaiting Publication
Making Health Care User Friendly

How digital technology can advance healthcare in the U.S. by improving health outcomes while substantially decreasing healthcare costs.

New America Foundation Issue Brief
Honoring America's Entrepreneurial Culture

Elected officials should honor America's entrepreneurial culture by remembering that it is our small enterprises that are the backbone of our economic prosperity and, as de Tocqueville noted, America’s strength and greatness.

Heartbeat @ Outcome Health
Create a Culture of Feedback

If you see something, say something. It's an axiom we all follow to keep each other safe when we're out and about. But what if it were applied at work? That's exactly what's expected of folks at Outcome Health. No matter the company, there's always room for improvement.

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