Kolby Meeks

Public Relations and Marketing

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As of now I am an alumni of Southern Illinois University. I have my Bachelor's Degree in Communications Studies. I am now a former athlete that transferred my junior year to be a middle hitter for the Saluki Volleyball team. I was involved in Public Relations Student Society of America, and was a part of the event planning committee. I am now seeking job opportunities!

Kolby Meeks
Advertising Management Final Project

This is my final project in my Advertising Management class. I had to come up with my own product, and create a marketing plan for it.

Kolby, Jake, Lou, Cecelia
PR & Campaign Final Project

This is the final project of my PR and Campaigns class. It was a group project where my group members and I made a media kit for the SIU Theater department.

Tahira, Kolby, entire PR & Campaigns Class
Saluki Cents

This was an in class project. We helped the financial literacy program of the financial aid department. We overall aimed to increase awareness and attendance of the programs. This is our final proposal.

Google Docs
Cultural Barriers Project

In my Researching Methods class my partner and I created a survey to find out if there's a communication and/or a cultural barrier between International students and American students. These are the survey questions we created and the results of respondents. After calculating all of this information, we created a presentation to show all of these results and our opinion on it.

May 2017
Public Relations and Practice Class

In this class, I researched and represented a client. My client was a real organization that had a lot of strengths, but needed more awareness nationally as well as in the community. I made a PR plan for this organization in this class. This is an example of my audio news release.