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A qualified translator with a great passion for content creation

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Psychology Subject Spotlight

Why study Psychology? Is Psychology right for me? Is it a good career path to choose? Did you know that Psychology is used to influence your everyday decisions? Take shopping, for example. Supermarkets place essentials, such as bread and milk, at the back of the shop in order to make you walk past the rest of the produce and heighten the possibility of impulse buys.

Arden University
7 films every aspiring Psychologist should watch

Movies have much to offer the profession of psychology, teaching the viewer about what it means to suffer, to rise above challenges and deal with mental illness. We have put together a list of films which explore what it means to be human, offering us a glimpse into human nature at its best, its worst and everywhere in-between.

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Jobs you can do with a law degree

If you want to do a law degree, you also need to know you can do more with it than you might think! Explore alternative law careers with this article. "If you want to be a lawyer, you need to do a law degree." We've all heard it before, but we like to think differently.