Paige Knight

Freelance Writer and Editor

United States

I'm Paige, and I'm a writer living in Boston, Massachusetts. I'm originally from Austin, Texas, where I earned my Writing and Rhetoric degree at St. Edward's University. I've worked for a marketing agency as a contract writer for 2 years, during which I've written blogs, websites, and newsletters for clients in a variety of fields. Today, I'm looking to help clients promote animal welfare through SEO-optimized content. In this portfolio, you'll find on-spec pieces to give you an idea of the kind of content I'm able to produce for clients in the pet-care industry. I'd like to specify that the organizations listed did not hire me to produce these pieces, which are meant to serve as unpublished examples of my work. In addition to these spec pieces, I've also provided published samples of blogs I was hired to write in the past. Thank you for reading, and I look forward to working with you!

Catalyst Spec Piece
Cat Body Language 101

This is a ~2,000 word, on-spec blog post for Catalyst, a sustainable cat litter company.

All Four Paws Spec Piece
The Cone of Shame

This is a ~750 word, on-spec blog post for All Four Paws, an organization that provides recovery and health aids for pets.