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Cellar Door offers upscale hideout

The Cellar Door, a new bar in Huntington, is known for its tapas, cocktails, wine and imports. The bar is located on Third Avenue, under Le Bistro. Cellar Door Manager Chris Bolen said they wanted to create a place for shared experiences and found their inspiration for Cellar Door during their travels.

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Alpha Xi Delta brings Strawberry breakfast to Marshall

Marshall University the Alpha Xi Delta sorority is preparing for its 64th annual Strawberry Breakfast 7-11 a.m. Thursday for the Marshall community. The event is presented by the Alpha Xi Delta mothers' club. The club will serve pancakes, eggs, sausage and biscuits with homemade strawberry butter. Chocolate covered strawberrys are being served as well.

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Proving there's "more to beer"

The Huntington Ale House, near Marshall University, is a locally owned business open late hours with beer, food and live music. Marshall student Elizabeth Sutfin has been a waitress and a bartender at the Ale House for almost 10 months, and she said she loves her job.

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Skateboarders flock to new skate park

Skateboarding is a form of transportation that could be a hobby or even a form of meditation for some. Marshall University student Ryan George said he is passionate about skateboarding. He specializes in transition skating, which is commonly referred to as vert skateboarding. George said he started skating when he was 10 years old.

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The BUZZ at Tat-Nice

Tat-Nice Tattoos is as colorful as it gets. Located in downtown Huntington, some may wonder what the "buzz" is about. Tattooing is not a new trend, but it is very popular, especially among college students who are just discovering the freedom of making adult decisions on their own.

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Psychology experts provides tips for minimizing stress as finals approach

This is the time of year when Marshall University students are studying for finals, completing projects, scheduling for classes and preparing to graduate. Professor and Chair of the psychology department Marianna Footo Linz shared advice on de-stressing during finals. "The best way to relax is to pace yourself," Linz said.

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What would you bring to Huntington?

When asked what they would like to see Huntington officials bring to the city, approximately 50 responses from students and Huntington residents varied in topic. While some ideas were fun and light-hearted, some issues needed a lot of consideration. There is one thing most can agree on - Huntington is on the rise, and in...