Kari Mitchell

Owner / Director / Consultant, Corporate Marketing

Location icon United States of America

Kari Mitchell is Owner / Principal of Third Eye Marketing with responsibility for business development, strategic and tactical marketing, brand management, and Public Relations. Prior to starting Third Eye Marketing, she worked in high-level strategic business development and marketing at several global Industrial automation companies and as a news and feature writer for magazines and newspapers. Notable is her six years years as Regional Corporate Communications Manager / Director at Yokogawa Corporation of America where she was part of the six-member Office of Strategic Planning -- a group that directed major innovation, change and business development initiatives.

Kari's greatest strengths are her creativity, drive and leadership. Se thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand a company’s reach and profit. One of her most recent projects involved a complete re-brand & positioning of a flow measurement company looking to launch several revolutionary new products into the Oil & Gas industry. This re-brand resulted in a 35% increase in sales.

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