Kristine Lisa Sholty

Social Media and Communications Specialist

Location icon United States of America

Based out of Sacramento, California.

My expertise lies in managing and producing strategic, detail-oriented projects with creative and professional results.



Pivotal Moments
Staff member makes a big impact for future Wayne State students

As Wayne State staff member Marion Ringe sat down in the Alumni House to tell her story of giving back, she said, "This is where it all started." Ringe first came to Wayne State University as a student in 1965, working as a student assistant in the Alumni House as she completed her bachelor of arts in English with a minor in geology.

Pivotal Moments
Athletics gives 100 percent to Wayne State

Wayne State University's Department of Athletics follows three pillars of success: Giving back to the community, achieving academic goals, and graduating an

Wristwatch Annual
Doettling Article

An article published in Wristwatch Annual, an international wristwatch publication

Kalamazoo College BeLight eZine

A team of Kalamazoo College faculty, backed by the support of dedicated students, created the formal Jewish Studies concentration at "K." Approved this past June, the concentration requires students to question complex historical phenomena, explore the relationship between majority and minority social groups as well as religion and secularity, and interpret the formation of one's own identity.

Kalamazoo College BeLight eZine

A small seed of sustainability, planted in the fertile minds of Kalamazoo College students, has burgeoned into some fascinating research projects. The College's Climate Commitment Review Committee created summer fellowships that allow students to research, monitor, and index the college's greenhouse gas emissions.

Kalamazoo College BeLight eZine

It's 2011, and the Mary Jane Underwood Stryker Institute for Service-Learning celebrates 10 years of engaging students, faculty, and community members in partnerships that foster collaborative learning and civic participation. Happy Birthday, "Mary Jane!"

Social Media and Electronic Appeals

Wayne State University Annual Giving
Alumni Appeal #2, Spring 2016

Appeal to encourage young alumni to make a gift to Wayne State before graduation.

Wayne State University Annual Giving
Alumni Appeal, Spring 2016

Appeal to encourage young alumni to make a gift to Wayne State before graduation.



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