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I'm a recent graduate and journalist from the University of California, Santa Barbara who's now based in the Boston area. Clips are drawn from various professional or student-run publications.

Shanialation: A Resurgent Legacy - UTIOM

Public service announcement to millennials and middle-aged moms across North America: Shania Twain is making a comeback. I don't like to jump to hasty conclusions, but given that Shania - Canadian birth name Eilleen Regina Edwards - maintains her rank as one of the best-selling female artists in both country music and music in general, I would guess that a number of my fellow millennials out there also grew up on her country-pop legacy.

An Ode to Intimacy - UTIOM

Boston's historic Paradise Rock Club welcomes visitors with a warm, intimate buzz emanating from a small crowd of 933 - or even fewer, depending on the evening. Dim lighting in the audience gives way to vivid images of performers under personalized light shows from what feels like just feet away at any given point at the venue.

Santa Barbara Independent
Anti-Feminism Talk Draws Crowds, Critics

Cynthia Zhu/The Bottom Line POLARIZING: Milo Yiannopoulos addresses a UCSB audience during his Feminism Is Cancer talk. Thursday, June 2, 2016 British journalist Milo Yiannopoulos made his UCSB entrance atop a padded chair hoisted by student organizers above a standing audience that filled Corwin Pavilion to capacity last Thursday evening.

The Bottom Line
Sexual Assault Rally Prompts Counter-Protest | The Bottom Line

Kelsey Knorp Contributing Writer About a dozen University of California, Santa Barbara students gathered on the lawn between the Arbor and library on Monday to call for hastened fulfillment of all 13 demands issued to the university administration last year after a 13-hour sit-in in Chancellor Henry Yang's office.

The Bottom Line
Alleged Anti-Semitism Prompts UC Call to Action | The Bottom Line

Kelsey Knorp Contributing Writer Social justice advocates turned out in droves before the University of California Board of Regents on Wed., Mar. 23, the majority there to debate dangers and merits of anti-Zionist expression on campus. Almost 90 individuals signed up to speak during last Wednesday's public comment period, according to Secretary and Chief of Staff Anne Shaw.

WORD Magazine
Survival of the Silenced

A feature on the lasting effects of sexual assault on UCSB students.

The Bottom Line
Chancellor Yang, UCSB Meet Demands of Sexual Assault Survivors After 13-Hour Sit-In | The Bottom...

Kelsey Knorp Isla Vista Beat Reporter Photos by Benjamin Hurst, Photo & Multimedia Editor Sexual assault survivors and their supporters left the fifth floor of Cheadle Hall in triumph at almost 3 AM on Thursday, May 14, after a 13-hour sit-in ended with a signed agreement between the three students leading the movement and University of California, Santa Barbara Chancellor Henry Yang.

WORD Magazine
Coach Declassified

A feature on Simon Thibodeau, one of the NCAA's first openly gay coaches.

Santa Barbara Independent
Isla Vista Pushes Back Against Rebranding Effort

Efforts to "rebrand" Isla Vista in the eyes of greater Santa Barbara met backlash Thursday afternoon from community members who claimed the campaign reinforced long-held perceptions of the town as a hub for crime and destruction. In the wake of riots and a mass shooting in the spring of 2014, District Attorney Joyce Dudley convened the "I.V.

The Bottom Line
Tensions Rise Over Wage In Congressional Debate | The Bottom Line

Kelsey Knorp Contributing Writer California's minimum wage sparked moments of heated exchange between nearly all five 24th District candidates featured in Friday's congressional debate, after a question posed to the panel provided political outsiders from both parties the chance to land a personal punch or two.

The Bottom Line
Open Seat, Open Season | The Bottom Line

Kelsey Knorp National Beat Reporter So far, the race to replace Rep. Lois Capps as Santa Barbara's voice in Congress remains as crowded as the 2016 presidential contest, with an even more competitive party divide.

Santa Barbara Independent
Mobile Waterford Looks to Improve English for Pre-K

The Classroom-on-Wheels Makes Four Stops Each School Day in S.B. Neighborhoods Thursday, September 17, 2015 Mobile Waterford made its third daily stop last Thursday at Parque de los Niños on Wentworth Avenue, where the vibrantly painted van settles curbside to allow eight four-year-olds onboard at a time for 20 minutes of computerized English lessons that, over the next year, promise to culminate in kindergarten readiness.

The Bottom Line
Solo Ambitions Drive I.V. Singer Max Goldenstein South | The Bottom Line

Kelsey Knorp Contributing Writer Those familiar with Isla Vista surf-rock band Sun Daes were privy to a new side of frontman Max Goldenstein last Wednesday at Goleta's Mercury Lounge. The singer's solo act took on a new folky quirkiness and the calm confidence that comes with performing work of one's own - all punctuated, of course, by the occasional flip of his signature curly locks.

Santa Barbara Independent
First S.B. Accessible Yoga Conference Prepares For Takeoff

Friday, September 11, 2015 Renowned yoga instructor Matthew Sanford spun his wheelchair deftly around to face the yogis enrolled in his eight-hour intensive Thursday at the Santa Barbara Yoga Center, a prelude to his keynote address at the center's Accessible Yoga Conference this weekend.

Santa Barbara Independent
United Way Funds Kindergarten Success

Julene Armstrong (left) and her pre-K students. Program Reports 40 Percent Improvement in Pre-K Students Thursday, August 20, 2015 Five-year-old Dylan meticulously attaches pieces of bright orange construction paper to a penciled outline of his name, one of the first tasks assigned to his Kindergarten Success Institutes (KSI) class on Thursday morning, August 13th.

Santa Barbara Independent
Karma Garden Gone

Kelsey Knorp Ric Rew stands where the Karma Garden once existed. Despite Sudden Closure, Veteran Ric Rew Shares Spirit Of Place He Tended Saturday, July 25, 2015 Ric Rew has unofficially maintained and beautified the beachside area off Santa Claus Lane for eight years - he is sure of the number because it's also the age of his toy poodle Cheesecake, whose need for exercise first sparked Rew's daily visits to the beach.

Santa Barbara Independent
Bernie Visits Ventura College

Presidential Hopeful Delivered His Revolutionary Rhetoric To An Enthusiastic Crowd In Ventura.

The Bottom Line
Golden State To Host Highest Wages Nationwide | The Bottom Line

Kelsey Knorp Contributing Writer California has pioneered a new state-level wage standard in its adoption of a $15 hourly minimum, slated for gradual implementation over the next six years. The current minimum wage - $10 per hour - will see a 50-cent bump by the first of next year and another at the dawn of 2018.