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Kiesha King-Brown

Freelance Copywriter

Location icon United States

Kiesha King-Brown is a freelance writer with a unique skillset. Kiesha uses her Marketing degree to inspire her to provide copywriting around products and services. She also has 13 years Executive Leadership and Human Resource experience which give her passion and a unique lens around business and leadership content. She has content posted on websites and in newsletter form for clients. Her love for being a mom to her 5 year old son keep her from taking herself too seriously and she is a personable yet professional partner.

The Rise of Electric Scooters - PixelRocket

Electric scooter start-ups are quickly convincing more and more urban commuters to go along for the ride. These scooters, powered by a rechargeable battery, are keeping commuters from draining their "personal batteries" in stressful traffic and parking garages before they arrive at work or school.

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