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High Fashion Living is a premier online destination for brands to expose themselves to a global clientele of fashion enthusiasts. With over 3 million followers on all social platforms, we have grown to be not only influencers and content curators but a voice of reference for people looking for high-end fashion. High Fashion Living is an official Amazon Fashion and Apple News publisher.

I also for blogs such as A Magical Mess, a family life style blog, and my own personal blog.

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Expression Not Oppression - High Fashion Living

And stop telling me what to wear. A weird sentiment from a style magazine, I know, but, it's not what you think. Here at High Fashion Living, we strive to be as embedded in the fashion world as possible, from millennial trends to ethical issues, we eat, sleep and breathe the fashion industry.

A Magical Mess
College Chic Outfit Ideas for Going Back To School Plus Exclusive Savings

by Shelley Back to school outfit shopping isn't just for the kiddos. For the fashion-conscious college scholars, it can be just as fun. My best friend, Kit Royce, is a stylist, makeup artist, and fashion writer. She put together her top picks for this year's back to school season.

High Fashion Living
High Fashion Living Presents: Mod + Ethico - High Fashion Living

Candice Collison is a woman with a mission, a brand with a story and a business with a heart. After being inspired to make responsible fashion more accessible to consumers, she created her eCommerce business of Sewn, a store focusing on fashion that's fair-trade, sustainable and American made.

High Fashion Living
Spring Cleaning: We're Not Talking About Closets - High Fashion Living

Today we take a look at some of the executive shifts we've seen at a few of Europe's Tops Fashion Houses. We realized that whether you're trying to keep up with the trends or keep up with the stock market, the fashion industry is the place to get the inside scoop but, keeping up recently has been harder than it ever has.

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