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Voices from Pakistan Editor's note: The author of the following piece is young, female college student living in the mountains of Pakistan. Something happened today that made me realize that we're all more alike than we think. If you'd bear with me for a bit I'll tell you.

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Perspectives from Pakistan The human mind is highly suggestible. In these times, information is almost shoved in our faces. It's impossible to distinguish how much of what we know is the truth and how much is just a version of it. We follow a stream of information, leading us to a well with no way out.

Islamabad Eats
Food Festival Dos and Don'ts

With the festival just around the corner and the registrations pouring in, we thought to share with you how to make the most of your food-fest experience. Here's a lists of tips and pointers that we think you should keep in mind to have a great day.

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Weird Food Combinations we're proud of

When it comes to flavor, Pakistan isn't a compromising nation. Very few foods actually fall nicely on the Pakistani palate, possibly because we've been eating highly flavorful and spiced up foods since we were very young. While most grandparents look at pizza and say 'why it couldn't just be a roti?'

NUST International Model United Nations | NIMUN
NIMUN : Behind The Scenes

The publications team went on an observatory mission in search of interesting never before seen phenomena. The habitat of the illusive NIMUN OC. That one place where all the major decisions regarding the largest MUN of the country take place. That one place which lets you stay in NBS till curfew, otherwise you are told to leave at 7 pm.