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Kindra Greene

Writer, Marketing and Communication Specialist

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Kindra is an experienced writer, educator and marketing specialist with a heart for communication and community involvement. She specializes in building engaging content, increasing social media marketing ROI, company brand narratives and digital storytelling. She believes in the power of words and in adapting communication methods for individual needs. Kindra has worked on many writing projects to include CEO op-ed pieces, company standard operating procedures, annual reports, technical manuals, human interest stories, and direct news reporting. She has been the project manager on an annual magazine publication, and worked on e-news and traditional print publications. She serves on the marketing committee for two local non-profits and loves to tell an organization’s story.

FBI Agents Today

Becoming a Special Agent in the FBI is no easy task. Many begin preparing in high school to meet the physical fitness and testing requirements. The application and screening process, called phase 1, can take a year or more and involves testing, in-person meetings, a written assessment, and a panel interview with three Special Agents.

Blown Away: Women & Glass

Mysterious, mercurial, molten, and often momentary, glass is magical. Making glass is an ancient art form combining beauty and function, and the tools of the glass maker are much the same now as they were hundreds of years ago. Glass is having a moment here in Hampton Roads.

In Celebration of Poetry

So, it's April. Many of us see it as the true beginning of spring in Hampton Roads; the azaleas bloom, the daffodils lift their heads, festivals start popping up at Town Point Park and pollen blankets the cars and streets.

Event Program
The Glass

Graphic Design and Production for Event Program
Different voices share their views of diversity | Chamber Notes

"We truly believe that every individual regardless of race, regardless of color, regardless of their sexual orientation, deserves equal right to be successful in the business community based on their performance and their potential," Hampton Roads Chamber President and CEO Bryan K. Stephens said.
Virginia Beach is first in state of city series | Chamber Notes

The Hampton Roads Chamber kicked off its state of the city series in Virginia Beach on March 20 as newly elected Mayor Bobby Dyer told a packed ballroom Virginia Beach is the "City of Yes." Asking the audience to bring out their cell phones he encouraged them to participate in a live survey.
Chamber brings Congressional leaders to Hampton Roads | Chamber Notes

The Hampton Roads Chamber is proud to have brought all four sitting Congressmen representing Southeastern Virginia together Aug. 20 for an informative session with members. "The Virginia delegation works extraordinarily well together. We believe what's best for Virginia is best for the nation," said Congressman Rob Wittman.
Collaboration came up repeatedly in visit to Pittsburgh | Chamber notes

Special to Inside Business "If we work together as one, we can get through it. I hope this is the lesson you take back; you create one agenda, you agree, everyone antes up and you go to the capital as one voice," Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said as he addressed Hampton Roads delegates on the last night of the Inter-Regional visit to Pennsylvania's second largest city.

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