Kim Henderson

Digital Content Marketer, Communications Writer, Author, Copywriter

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Experienced print and digital marketing content provider for websites, print publications, social media, email, newsletters and blogs. Copywriter. More than a decade of managing editor experience running a national natural health publication, Healthy LIving. Award-Winning Author, 50 Simple Steps to Save the World's Rainforests. Corporate communications pro and ghostwriter.


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BrainMD Health Blog
Rock a Better Body by Boosting Your Brain! 11 Easy Steps

Want to know the real secret to achieving the body you desire? Of course you do! The great news is that it is not a diet or new workout or any kind of quick fix. It's actually all in your head! (Well... brain, to be exact.) It's really simple.

Copywriting, Educational Marketing, Copy Editing (Sampling)

Amen Clinics, Inc.
Wired for Success

Copy editing. Promotional eBook from Dr. Daniel. G. Amen

Celebrity Placement, Interviews and Magazine Work (Sampling)

Award-Winning Environmental Author

Brazil Nuts and Agoutis in the Peruvian Amazon

by Kim Henderson I believe that we have a dynamic relationship to nature. And if you pay attention, you might discover that a particular plant or animal in nature will sometimes choose us. They find their way into our psyche and spirit and teach us things, if we are open.

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