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Embedded Systems Engineering
Long Haul Harmony Q&A with Mahbubul Alam, Movimento

Editor's note: Yes, some of us love our cars, but however passionate we are about them they don't figure as largely in our lives as a truck does for a professional long-haul truck driver. Pana-Pacific is a company which supplies infotainment and communications systems to the manufacturers of trucks.

IoT Tech News
Where is AI in the auto industry now - and where is it heading?

The shape-shifting, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cars seen in futuristic films aren't appearing anytime soon but AI technology certainly exists today in the auto market and will be increasingly visible in the future. Industry observers are saying that AI and machine learning have reached a tipping point and will cause enormous advances through the next few years in many markets.

Connected Car Tech
Why the auto industry should embrace Blockchain

Technical innovations happen constantly in small and big ways across our modern society, but relatively few breakthroughs ever have far-reaching impact. Consider Wi-Fi and the smartphone, to name a couple. Increasingly, savvy observers are adding blockchain technology to the list of creations that could transform our universe.

Mahbubul Alam Profiles Top 2017 Automotive Trends for TechCrunch - Movimento Group

In 2017, automotive makers are focusing not only on the physical enhancements they will make to their vehicles, but also on how new technologies can augment their existing systems. Innovations such as integrating blockchain technology into the supply chain, the use of 3D printed parts, and increased investment in autonomous driving capabilities are all expected to increase in the coming year.

Mobility Tech Zone
How the Smart Phone Industry Can Learn from the Auto Industry

Most of us don''t often think of updating the software in our car but this is decidedly not the case in other realms. -- software updates are becoming second nature for the 68% of Americans who have smart phones.
Blockchain Technology Could Reinvent the Auto Industry

A technology with the chops to add trust and validation to the IoT in a distributed manner is also one auto OEMs should be more than curious about. Breakthrough technology often makes its way slowly into cautious industries, the automotive sector being an example. This is unfortunate because organizations

Automotive Engineering
OTA updating brings benefits, challenges

As connectivity expands, hacking and other threats will also fuel demand for OTA. Security programs will have to evolve to meet new threats over the vehicle's lifetime. The expectations of consumers used to adding functionality to smart phones is another factor fueling growth projections. That's forcing engineering teams to address a number of different needs.

CIO Review
Mahbubul Alam on How Smartphones Will Change Automotive OEMs

With the advent of smartphones, many businesses have had to adapt to new ways of doing things. But what about the automotive industry? How will they react to a mobile environment? Writing in the July issue of CIO Review, Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam makes the case that smartphones will be a positive, transformative technology for automotive, with the ability to completely change the economic model of distributorship.

How listening to our cars will improve the driving experience

Mahbubul Alam Smart technology is already being used in cars, but we're just at the very beginning. It's a given that Over-the-Air (OTA) software updates for both drivers and automotive OEMs will be an integral part of new cars. The total vehicles predicted to have OTA map updates for example will exceed 32 million by 2022.

Vehicle-to-Everything Technology Will Be a Life Saver

By Mahbubul Alam, CTO and CMO of Movimento Group April 27, 2016 A massive consumer-focused industry like automobiles is up close and personal with people -- so up close that safety and driver protection from harm are top of mind for manufacturers.

The Top Five Trends For The Connected Car In 2016

2016 looks to be a turning point for the connected car, as economic and technological trends begin to converge in an unstoppable way. Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam gives us his predictions for this important year. This piece, written by Movimento CTO Mahbubul Alam, was originally published on TechCrunch.

Network World
Before cars become self-driving, they'll be software-driven

What with the fervor over autonomous cars, and predictions of the arrival of the machines being anywhere from 20 years to 2 years, as is Tesla CEO Elon Musk's latest projection, many might be forgetting a major development that will become prevalent before any of this self-driving stuff.

Why “Software” is a Verb – Especially for Automotive

And why OTA is a foundational technology and one that will help OEMs caught between millennials (think Transportation as a Service) and aging baby boomers. Movimento Group recently announced that its over the air (OTA) technology has been integrated with Mitsubishi Electric's next gen head-unit architecture, FLEXConnect, which is built on an Android platform.

Keeping An Eye on Smart Sensors, Security and OTA

I've put my digital recorder out of sight. I'm tired of it reminding me that I am days (okay, weeks!) behind in shepherding interviews with individuals working on interesting (and often groundbreaking) technologies in the embedded space from the recorder to the page. I can't be cranky for long,

It Takes a Village to Secure the Connected Car

Why to take a value-chain approach to connected car security. A gulf exists within the connected car value chain when it comes to connected car security, as revealed by automaker responses to recent high-profile connected vehicle hacks. Consider the opposite responses taken by Tesla and Chrysler

Sharing Economy for Cars May See Greatest Uptake in Developing Countr

While developed countries get to test out and try the latest new technologies, reaping the benefits of each new phase of innovation from self driving cars to smart phones, going through the birthing pains of trying out new technology is not always fun.

Why It’s Important to Get on Board the Software-Defined Car

What's already happened to smartphones and other devices will be disrupting the automotive market. Pistons and powertrains absorbed all the attention of automotive engineers years ago, but today's focus will increasingly be on the software driving the advanced electronics inside automobiles. Yes,

Embedded Computing Design
Preparing for the convergence of IoT and automotive

How the software-defined car creates opportunities for engineers and benefits for users. The word on the street is that the brave new world of the Internet of Things (IoT) will significantly impact the automotive industry. It's a whisper not to be ignored by automotive design engineers, as this represents a whole new way of doing business.

Digital Trends
For connected cars, improved functionality means gaps in the armor

Every year, our cars inch closer to becoming rolling smartphones, and while we revel in the opportunity to link our devices, communicate with our circles, and update our preferences on the fly, the windows of opportunity for hackers grow with each advancement.

How to Successfully Bring a Silicon Valley Approach to an Established

Change can be a huge challenge for long-established industries seeking new markets or customers, higher profits and a future growth path. Embedded cultures and ingrained processes often resist metamorphosis, stymieing the best intentions of senior executives charged with driving transformation.

Are Virtual Cars for Real?

By Mahbubul Alam, CTO & CMO, Movimento Group We are all used to driving around in our cars and think of cars as purely physical entities, but, the automotive world would have us think differently. Digital and virtual vehicles are being lauded as the way forward to help improve our driving experience.

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