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Professionally, I have worked as a full-time editor and freelance writer for a variety of print and online publications, ranging from business to lifestyle. I have in-depth research and interviewing experience, and am always looking for unique and engaging stories to report on. I’ve also worked with executives across industries to shape and edit their writing to showcase their expertise and industry leadership.

Personally, I am a traveler who's always seeking local experiences, a casual yogi, a long-distance runner and hiker, a food enthusiast, a military wife and a rescue dog mom.

I'm in pursuit of a master's degree in communications and media studies from Eastern New Mexico University, and hold a bachelor's degree in journalism from Metropolitan State University of Denver.


A Few Favorites

Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine
Gonzaga's Road to the Finals

Over the years, Gonzaga University—a private Roman Catholic university with 5,000 undergraduate students, located in the heart of Spokane—has been referred to as everything from the NCAA’s “most polarizing,” to the “most under-rated,” to the “most over-rated” team.

Branded Content for Tech Companies

Business and Leadership

Senior Executive
Take a Personalized Approach to Your Employee Benefits Program - Senior Executive

You know your company needs a better benefits package to retain and attract top talent. "It's not always medical, dental and vision," affirms Jeff Faber, chief strategy officer for global insurance brokerage HUB International 's employee benefits practice. "In fact, it's very rarely medical, dental and vision that differentiate an offer from one employer to another."

Senior Executive
10 Great Benefits for Your Remote Employees

Building a robust employee benefits package used to be relatively easy for most companies: Provide decent health coverage, offer a generous 401(k) match, allow for several weeks of paid time off, and sprinkle in some genuine perks - perhaps tuition reimbursement or even on-site daycare.

Senior Executive
Guide to Finding the Right Executive Assistant for You and Your Organization

Hiring an executive assistant can ease the load on the executive and contribute to a company's growth and increased efficiency. An executive assistant (EA) may carry a range of responsibilities, including keeping executives on track with their short- and long-term priorities, establishing relationships with various departments and stakeholders, and serving as a key resource for the facilitation and development of company projects.

Conscious Enterprise, Entrepreneurs, Local Startups

Spokane Coeur d'Alene Living Magazine
Thriving Globally, Locally

Spokane is no stranger to locally based businesses that thrive globally.

Seed Spot Putting Arizona's Start-ups On the Map

Improving the lives of others, providing community support and practicing environmental sustainability are not efforts volunteers and non-profits should bear the weight of alone.

Travel, Outdoors, Conservation

For the Love of the Mountain

On a cool, August morning in the small town of Leadville, 400 runners line up at the start line to AC/DC's "Highway to Hell" playing over the loud speakers.

The Real Dirt on Hiking in Sedona

With 132 trails in a 20-mile radius, 90 within 10 miles, and 48 within 5 miles, Sedona’s “greatest untapped potential is telling the hiking story"

Nspire Magazine
One Land for All

Repopulating and coexisting with North America's endangered majestic mammals.

A Labor of Love: Phoenix's Mystery Castle

Nestled at the base of South Mountain, the 18-room Mystery Castle was built using a myriad of reclaimed, recycled and desert-originating materials. Boyce Luther Gulley’s venture to build a castle for his daughter Mary Lou began in 1930 and lasted an unexpected 15 years until his death in 1945.

Touring Colorado's Castles

If Colorado isn’t the first destination that comes to mind for castle touring, that’s no surprise. But many ornate, European- and worldly influenced castles do in fact lie within state lines.

Challenging Phoenix-Area Hikes With Spectacular Views

Popular mountains to summit include Camelback Mountain and Piestewa Peak. Trails on both mountains lead to different vantage points of the Phoenix-metro area. And an adventure deeper into the desert along the Peralta Trail exposes stunning natural rock formations in an atmosphere that feels far from civilization.

Get Outdoors! Your Guide to Tucson's Tours & Adventures

Prime touring time around Southern Arizona prompts group bike rides through the Sonoran Desert and the city's cultural high points, gazing into the starry sky, and inspecting caves formed before the dinosaur age or mines used by early settlers.

5 Ways to Get a Taste of Tucson's History

With a recognized history dating back as far as A.D. 450, Tucson has many tales to tell. The land has been called home by many over the years, including the Hohokam, Tohono O’odham and Apache tribes, Spanish explorers, Mexicans and Americans.

Food & Drink

Finding a Sense of Place in Tucson's Culinary Scene

UNESCO launched the Creative Cities Network in 2004 with a mission of promoting cooperation between cities excelling in sustainable urban development. In December 2015, Tucson was designated as the only Creative City of Gastronomy in the United States.

Denver's Living Room: Union Station

Union Station’s grand hall was once a passageway in and out of the city for millions of travelers during the late 1800s and early 1900s. The train station, opened in July of 1881, reached its peak near the end of WWII before seeing its decline with the rise of automobile and commercial plane travel.

10 Unique Coffee Shops and Cafes in Phoenix

At Fourtillfour, auto enthusiasts talk shop over leaded cups of java, while The Coffee Shop at Agritopia offers milky lattes — and other caffeinated beverages — in a rose garden. Take the time to savor everything these little shops and cafés have to offer.

8 State-Born Restaurants You Can Find in Tucson

Phoenix and Tucson are making their marks in the country’s culinary scene. Local restaurant concepts are bold and flavorful, like Diablo Burger and the locally sourced ingredients in its hearty English-muffin-sandwiched burgers. They’re also full of character, like Oregano’s Pizza Bistro, with its vintage decor and Chicago-style pies.