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5 lies you've told yourself about running | THE EDIT

This post is brought to you by Nike London. We've all been there. You're walking down the road and a runner breezes past you. You probably think something like 'Hah! I'll never be someone that runs!' or 'I dunno how they do it?!'

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Ditch the Razor with Kim Bansi

Kim Bansi talks to us about her latest documentary for UNiDAYS, focussing on women and our relationship with body hair. The documentary explores Kim's personal story of coming to terms with being a "hairy, asian woman" as she speaks to everyone from Harnaam Kaur, to the boy who first told her she had a moustache.

Are we missing the point of veganism? | THE EDIT

Veganuary has come back around and you cannot avoid the multitude of articles popping up on your Facebook feed about the '10 best Vegan restaurants to dine at' or '10 things every Vegan knows.' So much so, that it can even make a well-meaning pescatarian like me to roll their eyes at the very sight of the word.

The biggest myths you've heard about women dispelled | THE EDIT

It's International Women's Day which means not only are we celebrating women, but we are also having conversations that educate and explore what it means to be a woman and to be equal in today's society. So we've taken some of the biggest myths you've heard about women and showing why they're nothing more than unhelpful stereotypes.

5 feminist books to help you be a boss in 2019 | THE EDIT

Ok, so you wanna do the whole 'New year, New me' thing but you're struggling to get the ball rolling when it comes to making shit happen. Well, these five books are sure to get you feeling pumped and give you the inspiration you need to make a real change, or just see things from a new perspective this year.

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