Kieron Monks

United Kingdom

Feature writer. Formerly based in the Middle East. Particular interest in social issues and the politics of sport. Also like doing book reviews. Work for CNN, Guardian, iPaper, Tribune, Prospect, New Internationalist, New Statesman, Al Jazeera English, Middle East Eye.


Ukraine war
Russia's republics call for independence

In the last days of the Soviet Union, the former US Defence Secretary Dick Cheney saw an opportunity to go further and dismantle Russia itself.

Social issues

Tearing Down the Palace

The 'Palace', hidden away on the top floor of the Elephant & Castle shopping centre, was safe, cheap, and open to all. A new documentary shows what it meant to marginalised communities and the sense of loss it leaves behind.
Anti-Russian feeling spreads through Europe

We don't serve Russians," read a sign outside a restaurant in Portugal. The same policy was applied by an innkeeper in Germany, a hotel in Poland, and a university in Estonia.

How white nationalism got trendy

"The west has become pussified," complained a young man with a neat moustache and a waistcoat that looked like velvet.

Middle East
The purge of Masafer Yatta

More than 1,000 Palestinians living in a "firing zone" are facing expulsion from their villages, in what would be one of the largest forcible transfers since Israel's occupation of the West Bank in 1967.
The cultural revival of Mosul

In the dark days of Isis rule the central library in Iraq's second city was a snipers' nest, Today, after a rapid renovation, it is due to reopen as Mosul's recovery continues.

Morning Star
Living with landmines

Walking a mile in the shoes of bedouin families surrounded by unexploded ordnance.

New Statesman
The Wild West Bank

There is no rule of law in 'C' areas - 60% of the West Bank in which Palestinian police cannot operate freely

The Guardian
How green was my valley?

Anawi's home has been demolished six times by the Israeli army, just part of the unique challenge of life in the Jordan Valley.

Sport/Sports Politics


The Brutish Museums

The Kingdom of Benin took centuries to build and just a few days to raze to the ground.


Eat the invaders

A delicious solution to the devastating impact of invasive species such as lionfish.