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Era Tangar

Content Writer, Zimply

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A lover of design, crafts, interiors, fashion, food and all things pretty. An electronics & communication engineer by degree. A biology and sports enthusiast. Currently, I am pursuing my passion for writing and creating beautiful things.

Houses Of Delhi - The Bali's Zen Inspired Home

On a hot summer day of 27th August, Mohit (who made the house video) and I happened to visit the serene residence of Miss Priti Bali and her cheerful daughter Aashita. There was an air of absolute calm filling every corner of their 3 BHK apartment spread across 1,740 square feet, at Dwarka in Delhi.

Houses Of Delhi - The Bakshi's | Home of Dreams |

Bright colours, beautiful pieces and lots of warmth surrounds the Bakshi’s. Their source of positive energy changes with the season of their lives but the intensity of it is never compromised. Located in the calm and serene society of Vikas Kunj, Delhi, their cozy house proves that one doesn’t need a lot of space to create a welcoming, multidimensional expanse where dreams come true.

Houses Of Delhi - Nikhila Ahuja's| The Cake Lady's Bedroom|

Nikhila Ahuja is the epitome of liveliness. This Delhi based cake artist and an MBA in Marketing firmly believes that if one's desire is strong enough, they can turn even their biggest, craziest dreams into reality. Just like she did. "Me and Annie, my partner in this sinful crime, are homebakers.

Houses Of Delhi - Shubhneet Kohli's| Terrace garden love|

Where do you find that inspiration to create an extravagant and stylish space? A Tasteful, well-curated homely ambience that screams YOU. Perhaps a little from the Magazines, a bit from the blogs and definitely a lot from your dearest - Pinterest. Hereafter, we'll be featuring a 'House Of Delhi' every week.

Decor & Styling: Runway To Entryway

Inspiration is everywhere, you just need to take a moment and observe. Recently 'The Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2016' took place in Delhi and leading fashion designers from the industry put up a spectacular showcase of their gorgeous collections and we could hardly take our eyes off of the colors, patterns, textures, and overall aesthetics of their designs.

A Tribute to Gandhi - The Satyagraha House

An epitome of strength, persistence and faith, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived a simple yet a celebrated life that was not only reflected through his actions, but also his way of life. Gandhi was 24 when he moved to South Africa in 1893 and spent 21 years there developing his political and ethical views.

Zen Home Decor: A Way Of Life

Zen interior design ideas have been inspired from Japanese interiors, minimalist interior designs, ancient traditions and eastern culture where positive energy is encouraged to flow throughout the house. The interiors of our homes should be the place where we feel calm and at peace , and what better than a Zen decor and design to enjoy this feeling of serenity.

9 Striking and Inspiring Work Stations

Productivity is the time we spend working towards our goals and we might not be in the space that reflects what we stand for, are doing or believe in. Doesn't that sound wrong? Something that means so much to us and that defines who we are, must have a dedicated space to it.

5 Awesome Tips for Hosting a House Warming Party!

I recently moved to a beautiful house in Delhi with three other friends of mine and it has been part fun and part hectic, to be honest. From cleaning , getting a WiFi connection, shopping for various household stuff to decorating the house - none of it has been easy to pull off.

Bring Home the Aura of September's Birthstone - Sapphire

Sapphire, the September birthstone, is said to represent purity of the soul. Blue sapphires, which range from a very light to very dark greenish or violetish blue to various shades of pure blue, is also know to protect your dear ones from grief and wrongdoings.

Art & Design: Ways to Give Your Home a Touch of Art

"Art disturbs the comfortable and comforts the disturbed." Home is your space. A space where you unwind, take your shoes off and think freely. A realm where you are the King. The way your realm looks and feels to you largely depends on what it comprises of.

14 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home Using Gemstones

The world is changing at a pace faster than we can imagine. With that, us, humans seem to be losing an essential part of our existence-Peace! Hence we see a lot of people are taking up a spiritual paths in their own little ways. Gemstones and energy crystals are cropping up in our homes.

Trend Of The Season - Muted Pastels

Who you are as a person and how you express yourself defines your style. All of us like to personalize our space in unique ways that matches our style and makes us feel comfy and at home. Trends enhance style. They inspire and quell the cliched to make way for refined, flattering interiors.

Drama & Art: 5 Ways You Can Add Baroque Style To Your Home

It is assumed as a period of artistic style full of intricate details and exaggerated drama. This impressive trend took birth around 1600 in Rome, Italy and slowly spread throughout Europe. We've listed these super easy-weasy ways to incorporate Baroque into your Home Sweet Home. Come, Take a look!

#DIY Jar Candle

As a child, I've always seen my mother surrounded by candles, flowers and everything pretty. She rests her faith in the power of positive vibes and finds herself to be most creative in an environment that's beautiful. I second that. So for my first DIY Project, I decided to make this gorgeous potpourri-inspired, candle-in-a-jar which brings together all those elements which turns a house into a beautiful home.

#DIY Glow-in-the-Dark Jar Candle

I love tiny spaces. I love how cosy they are, how every nook is clearly in-sight. The beauty of living in a small room is having every pretty little detail — the vignettes, the lights, the art work always a blink away! As a hosteller, I had always loved the idea of personalising every alcove of my little room and had a major "heart-eyed emoji" crush on candles. Thus, I decided to experiment a bit with my previous DIY and made ‘Glow-in-the-Dark Jar Candle’ that can easily fit in a tiny room....

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