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Kiddest Sinke

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Kiddest is a senior at Yale University studying English and Creative Writing. She is a Student Marketing Ambassador for Adobe XD, was a Staff Writer for Yale Daily News and an Editor-in-Chief for Yale Rumpus, an student-run comedy magazine. She specializes in visual art, short stories, journalism, personal and academic essays, and comedy writing.


Music & Creative Direction


Yale Daily News
Why Taylor Swift's Music Video "The Man" Has White Feminists Shaking

The only thing harder than being a super-rich, white male is being a super-rich, white female. Taylor Swift makes this clear in her new music video, "The Man." While the high-budget production attempts to satirize toxic masculinity by poking fun at double-standards, it ultimately falls flat due to its reliance on overdone white feminist tropes [...]

Interview: Yaeji Speaks on Community, Intimacy & Identity in the Creative Process

Kathy Yaeji Lee is a woman of many artistic identities. A singer, rapper, DJ, electronic-music producer, visual artist, fashion designer and more; to be "Yaeji" is to refuse to be defined by one thing. Though despite Yaeji's multiplicity, there is a cohesiveness to her creative being: an honesty and intimacy found at the core of [...]

Meet Carter Ace: The Artist Redefining Hip-Hop Music, One TikTok Video at a Time

Carter Ace is a 5-person hip-hop band from Los, Angeles, California, known for its unique fusion of jazz, rap, soul, funk and R&B. O'Neil Carter is the frontman, writer and producer of the group, with Fahem Erfan as guitarist, Daniel Durant as bassist, Jon Redwood as keyboardist and Gio Alford as drummer.

Yale Daily News
Yale group hosts refugee poetry festival

Around 30 New Haven residents and Yale students gathered at the New Haven Free Public Library for Yale Students of Salaam's first annual poetry festival on Saturday afternoon. The event was organized by Students of Salaam, a Yale organization dedicated to the support, security and education of local refugees.

Yale Daily News
New Haven celebrates women's rights, Nasty Women exhibit

About 70 New Haven residents and artists held protest signs, white roses and colorful umbrellas outside the Institute Library on April 8, preparing to march to Planned Parenthood after viewing the Nasty Women New Haven Art Exhibit.

Yale Daily News
In Their Shoes

Bundled in a jacket, I walked to St. Paul & St. James Episcopal Church at 6:45 a.m., the crisp wind biting my face. Last Friday, Nov. 10, 2017, could have been any Friday, or any day, for that matter, for the 3,387 people living in Connecticut who, according to Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness, experience homelessness.

Yale Daily News
Meditation reduces stress for Yalies, New Haveners

In dozens of Bass Library study rooms, students hunch over their laptops with furrowed eyebrows, switching between papers and Snapchat stories, anxious that they're missing out on something. To help students reduce anxiety, depression and stress, the Yale and the New Haven communities have worked together this semester to promote student wellness through meditation and yoga.

University misses hiring goal

Yale tries to hire at least 25 percent New Haven residents to work on all of its building projects. But the University fell significantly short of that goal for the construction of Benjamin Franklin and Pauli Murray colleges. New Haven activists have repeatedly called on Yale, the city's top employer, to hire more residents from within city limits.

Yale Daily News
University begins carbon charge project

In an effort to reduce Yale's greenhouse gas emissions, the University has implemented a carbon charge - the first of its kind at any U.S. university - designed to effectively tax University buildings for the cost of their carbon dioxide emissions.

Yale Daily News
Few Yale grads work in New Haven

Every year, dozens of Yalies begin their postgraduate lives working in the Elm City. But those students are in the minority. According to the Yale Office of Career Strategy's First Destination Survey, which tracks where Yale students work after graduation, only 8 percent of the Class of 2016 began working in New Haven after graduation.


Squirrels scavenged acorns, scuttling from oak to pine tree, while Dad and I stood at the moonlit patio, staring at our house’s generic, grey shingled roof. For some reason Dad thought this an appropriate father-daughter activity.

The Chaos Journal of Personal Narrative
I Found Love In The PDX

In the Portland Airport on a Wednesday morning, my eyes grazed over gum packages, as I wondered if the cure for my acrid coffee breath was worth four dollars. I decided against it and dragged my suitcase to the gate departing to Newark.

Big Mood
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