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An aspiring Filipino writer, hoping to one day share his thoughts with the rest of the world.

The Bosun
I-SAMA: Coming Together For a Night of Fun | The Bosun

Words by Iso Apor I-SA's annual dance concert, I-SAMA, lit up Dizon Auditorium last Tuesday evening (April 30) as they transformed the stage into a parade of movement and lights. That night, we were all given an answer to the question we never thought to ask: can you tell a story through the language of dance?

The Bosun
5 Appsolutely Incredible Apps For Freshmen | The Bosun

Picture this: you're entering college for the first time-you step through those looming gates, past the guards and into a place bustling with life and activity. Your first few weeks are a blast-a fun and exciting opening ceremony, a new set of friends, and a school organization that you want to join to hone your skills.

Feature Articles

Sugilanon sa Kagayha-an: A modern-day legend

LEGENDS are powerful things. They bring with them a taste of the world that came before our own and inspire us to be more than we are. Now and again, there comes a time when these age-old tales influence someone to create a story of their own.

The Conch (Rosevale School's Official Publication)
Made, Not Born

3rd Place Feature Writing English, Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC) 2015


Sibya: The Seventh Northern Mindanao Student Communicators Congress
A Voice for the Voiceless

Award-winning essay piece.

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