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Khushboo Batham

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My aim is always to learn and grow, travel and explore, to read and to write.

The Dicriminative Law

This is not to hurt anyone's feeling or to give condolence to anyone out there. But do we really care? No, I am not exactly talking about gender equality, Neither I am writing about the status of society. But a little similar to it.

Things that matter

I don't know what is happening in my life. I don't know what is extremely wrong or perfectly right. Sometimes, I wish I could laugh louder than those jokers in the circus, And then I realize life is laughing harder at me. Sometimes I wish I can get over my past, And suddenly the depression arrives.


Walking through the lanes of serendipity, Stuck in between the agony of love and life, And just like that passenger...

A Free Soul...
Poems Archives " A Free Soul...

There's a lot to say. But the point is who will listen? Can I please lend your ears? But would you judge me if I tell you my darkest secret? It's okay if you do, I will be thankful 'cuz I have been heard, at least!

Khushboo Batham, Author at StyleDotMe

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