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Condé Nast Traveler
50 States, 50 Cuisines: The Food Worth Traveling For in Every State

Two years ago we set out to identify a signature dish for each state, from Sonoran dogs in Arizona to cheese curds in Wisconsin. For the second iteration of this list, we wanted to go beyond the classics-the food everyone tells you to try when you visit-and highlight chefs and cuisines that have had a distinct impact or reflect a noteworthy community in the state.

The Athletic
Food and drink survey results: Ballpark sushi, beer pong...

Last week, we asked readers of The Athletic to help us settle some questions: is the drumstick or the wing/flat your preferred piece (drumstick won with 44.7 percent of the vote)? Are you good at beer pong (59.5 percent of you seem to think so)?

Apple Podcasts
‎Back To Back: An NBA Podcast on Apple Podcasts

A basketball show in two parts. On Basketball Buds, sports and culture collide and sometimes jokes are greater than facts. On Nerder She Wrote, we go deeper for a more serious discussion into the vast NBA landscape. A basketball show in two parts. On Basketball Buds, sports and culture collide and sometimes jokes are greater than facts.

The Athletic
'I remember you crying': The Athletic staffers discuss...

"Which story do I share? That is the question." The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd have caused America, and the world, to talk about race - and in particular, how racism adversely affects the lives of African Americans living in the United States. It has prompted discussion.

For a Taste of the Real Harlem, Eat Where the Locals Eat

The storied African American neighborhood has stubbornly weathered gentrification and become even more itself-with even more exciting restaurant options. After decades of urban renewal threatened to erase its origin story, Harlem-that stronghold of black culture-is embarking on a stage that feels like post-gentrification. Its spirit has prevailed in part due to a willingness to embrace the new.

The Little-Known Food Culture That Shaped Southern Cooking Today

The checks they cash on Hilton Head Island are deep-fried and smothered in gravy. Nearly three million people visit the summer vacation hotspot every year, filling up the area's 250-plus restaurants. It's not surprising that tourism is a major engine in South Carolina's economy, pouring in over 21 billion dollars.

Bleacher Report
Why Jelly Fam Is More Than Just a Finger Roll

Jelly Fam is the answer to the question, What ever happened to NYC hoops? First thing you should know about Jelly Fam is what it means. "Jelly" refers to extra creativity you put into finishing a layup. You gotta hit those angles, man. Switch hands, double-clutch it, go through your legs backward if necessary.

A Cayenne-Spiced Ganache From Harlem's First Chocolate Shop

For chocolatier Jessica Spaulding, whose humbly-sized but dynamic Harlem Chocolate Factory recently opened in the eponymous New York neighborhood, the shop is the culmination of a lifelong goal. Her truffles and tarts are decadent and boundary-shattering in a way that tells you that the staff takes their craft seriously.

AFAR Media
The 4 Essential Personality Traits of Successful Expats

Not every aspiring expatriate is cut out for a life abroad. Four old hands reveal the virtues all winning expats share. The idea of living the expatriate life exists in the culture as some kind of cross-pollination between romanticism and adventure.

The Globe and Mail
Top 12 travel destinations to keep your sights on for 2018

The Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius starts celebrating its 50th year as a free country in February with several official events. Located east of Madagascar, it's home to 300-plus kilometres of idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters. Due to its isolation and the scourge of colonialism, this country of 1.2 million is a bright-eyed mixture of African, Asian and European influences.

Men's Fall Fashion Picks To Help You Ready Yourself For Cold Weather

Fall has always been synonymous with renewal. School is back in session, new TV shows pop up and the NFL comes roaring back. For all the resolutions and "starting over" talk that dominates the 1st of January, it's really the fall months that reset the world.

Modern Luxury
Making Your Bed

Shopping for bedroom decor requires the same level of dedication and good taste as the rest of the house. Fellas, it's time to level up.

The 100 Greatest Home Cooks of All Time

He wasn't always famous, of course. Back when he was 12, Wally Amos was just a kid from Florida sent to New York City to live with his Aunt Della after his parents' separation. He learned to love cooking in her kitchen and soon mastered his aunt's recipe for pecan-chocolate chip cookies.

Does a Food Festival in Harlem Help-or Hurt-the Neighborhood?

On May 15th, the Harlem EatUp Festival returns for its third run. The festival is a bonanza of food tastings, cooking demos, celebrity chef meet-and-greets, and entertainment held in Harlem's Morningside Park and several of the area's restaurants.

Travel + Leisure
Father's Day Gift Ideas for Dads Who Love to Travel

After everything your dad has done for you in the past year (or, better yet, your whole life), it's important to recognize the special man that he is. Surprise the dad(s) in your life in the morning by taking him to his favorite brunch spot.

Travel + Leisure
What You Need to Know for Coachella 2017

Coachella is-arguably-the most popular music and arts festival in the U.S. Every year, Coachella attracts current top tier artists, legends, and fan favorites to its Southern California outpost. Since it started in 1999, it's grown commercially, but avoided the full-scale corporate outlandishness so common for festivals of this size.

Forbes Travel Guide
Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

Standing 82 stories tall just a block from the World Trade Center, the new Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown helps usher the rebirth of Lower Manhattan post-September 11.Like many things in the immediate vicinity, this property is brand new, opening in September 2016 as the second New York City hotel from the Four Seasons brand.

Forbes Travel Guide
The Knickerbocker Hotel - NYC

For those inclined to brave the wild refuge that is Times Square, check into The Knickerbocker Hotel. Here, you can revel in every delight that NYC has to offer.Built by business titan John Jacob Astor IV, the hotel reigned as a testament to early 20th century opulence (it's rumored to be the birthplace of the martini).

Travel + Leisure
An Inside Look at the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Some 36,000 artifacts fill the 400,000-square-foot National Museum of African American History and Culture-a temple to African-American history that opened last month in Washington, D.C. Alas, the opening was so highly anticipated (President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Will Smith were all at its debut), that visitors will be hard-pressed to see those 36,000 artifacts until 2017.

Bleacher Report
Kaepernick's Legacy Might Look a Lot Like Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf's

For the first time ever, the "stick to sports" era is starting to feel bygone. Colin Kaepernick's national-anthem protest against police brutality and the failures of the judicial system has had a surprisingly galvanizing effect. Athletes from across the sports world have publicly supported him, casting aside their own fears of public scorn to confront one of the most polarizing issues of the age.

Bleacher Report
Michael Jordan Missed the Mark in 1st Attempt at Social Consciousness

The recent statement to The Undefeated on police brutality is a quick read. The sparse number of words isn't the problem, though; it's what he says. The Gettysburg Address came to a grand total of 272 words, so we know size isn't the fulcrum on which greatness turns.

Travel + Leisure
Best 4th of July Cocktails From Bars Across the U.S.

As spring starts its slow simmer into summer, a slew of warm-weather enjoyments-shorts, barbeques, and cocktails by the gallon-become customary. Cold-weather libations-dark, heavy, and warming-give way to lighter drinks that are frosted and fruit-filled. It's kick-back season, when watching the sun set by the pool takes on a heavenly purpose and March's 150-crunches-a-day regime starts to make sense.

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: Vancouver's Inception Negroni

At Prohibition, two forward-thinking bartenders have created a cocktail that's taking the innovative ice trend to the next level. The Inception Negroni uses a technique that traps a classic Negroni inside a perfect ice sphere. After the separate Negroni recipe is poured, a special tool is used to crack the sphere, resulting in one cocktail "bleeding" into the other cocktail.

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: Chicago's Winter Whiskey Cocktail

At the Freehand Hotel's Broken Shaker Lounge in Chicago, bar manager Freddie Sarkis is mixing up a whiskey cocktail that he knows the locals will love. "We like to blend our menus with things that are culinary-driven and creative, and with things that are a little more familiar for the local palate," said Sarkis.

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: The Petunia

This gin and (grapefruit) juice cocktail raises the bar. In the current state of mixology, a level of one-upsmanship exists. Full of innovation and a commitment to awakening the taste buds, bartenders have collectively raised the standards of cocktail creation.

Travel + Leisure
The Best Places to Get a Bespoke Suit

Anyone can capture the refinement of a bespoke suit, provided one knows where to go. Here's the expert cheat-sheet to finding the perfect suit, made to fit just for you. Martin Greenfield Clothiers of New York City has exceled at making high quality, hand-tailored suits since they opened in 1977.

Is This the Next Big Canadian Outerwear Brand?

When it comes to culture, Canada often plays the little-brother role to the United States: always acknowledged, rarely worthy of applause. Whether or not that changes anytime soon remains to be seen, but there are hints that the pendulum is beginning to swing in the other direction.

Travel + Leisure
The Traveler's Guide to Harlem

Harlem's status as a cultural force has never been in question. Even before its current rebirth, it's been a go-to destination for those looking for emotional residency in true Americana. And now an influx of creativity and resources have transformed the area, pushing it squarely into the viewfinder of 21st-century coolness.

The Art of the Racist Resignation

Hawks owner Bruce Levenson just dug up an email from 2012. According to Levenson himself, the email is racist and a fireable offense. It might not be. That's up for debate. But here's the indisputable part: He can now cash out for a lot of money at partic

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: The Refinery Rooftop's Martini Thyme

Mixologist Chris Byrne of New York City's Refinery Rooftop, located above the Refinery Hotel, has been making drinks for 18 years. Tasked with creating something new this winter, Byrne devised an herb-y, peachy concoction known as Martini Thyme. "It's pretty much our number one seller," he says.

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: The Jalapeño Popper

Bars across the country are bringing the heat, all competing to find new ways to satiate a growing desire for spicy cocktails. The Boca Raton Resort & Club's Jalapeño Popper is pushing the boundaries of this trend with a perfect balance of pepper and tequila. | Hang Time Blog
Hang Time Podcast (Episode 216) Featuring Khalid Salaam

HANG TIME BIG CITY - We are just days into the new season, but already some things look like they haven't changed. The Atlanta Hawks? Still winning. The Philadelphia 76ers? Still rebuilding. Kobe Bryant? Still getting up shots. The New York City hype machine? Still working overtime. Rick Fox?

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: an Organic Take on a Tom Collins

Pretty much everything at the EVEN Hotels promotes health and wellness-think eco-friendly products, in-room fitness stations, and an abundance of healthy food choices. This ethos even reaches the hotels' cocktails, like the Garden of EVEN Collins, which, among other things, uses organic vodka.

Travel + Leisure
Toast of the Town: Santa Monica's 'Love Story'

Looking for a cocktail worthy of a Valentine's night in? How about "The Love Story," a slightly fizzy, easy-peasy cocktail created at the Cast Lounge inside the picturesque Viceroy Santa Monica. "The name comes from our partnership with Sugarfina Candy , and finding out randomly that the owners had their first date here at the Viceroy," says hotel manager Matt Shough.

What's In A Name - RWA

On this episode I get to the bottom of this whole issue that our society has with so called "Black names." I am joined by Dr. Colin Holbrook, co-author of a recent study for Evolution & Human Behavior. And don't worry, I didn't forget about Raven and her comments.

Travel + Leisure
The Coolest Barber Shops in America

When searching for a quality barbershop, many men are just looking for a place to cut their hair. For those looking for a bit more than the average snip and trim-perhaps, say, a discussion about the upward arc of Western Civilization-read on for a list of great barber shops around the country.

Behind the Harlem Store that Outfits Hip Hop Royalty

Harlem Haberdashery is a two-year-old retail shop with a backstory that reads like a Grammy Awards documentary. Under the umbrella of their custom label 5001 Flavors, owners Guy and Sharene Wood have made clothes for an insane list of top notch celebrities, including Will Smith, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Jaime Foxx.

"We Regret to Inform You That We Don't Like Your Name"

By now, those of us who watch True Detective are in agreement about its stellar storytelling. The acting, the character development, even those creepy birdcage things--they're bordering on standing ovation status at the end of each episode. This is HBO putting its boxing gloves on and raging out against all of its competitors.

Meet the Woman Who Wants to Change How Things Work at the NBA

I wanted to ask Michele Roberts about her reputation as a fighter. In every article I'd read, that very word came up. Fighter. It was always laced with a hint of inevitability, like knuckling up was her default state. We're talking Felix Trinidad level stuff here.

Bleacher Report
McCoy Has Painted Himself into a Corner

There's at least one person happy about Deflategate , and that's 's publicist. The controversy surrounding the New England Patriots will dominate NFL discussions for the next several news cycles, keeping McCoy's recent comments-inflammatory accusations that paint his former head coach, Chip Kelly, as a racist-from reaching critical mass.

Shaquille O'Neal on His Mentor and Rapping

Shaquille O'Neal doesn't need much of an introduction. As both a championship basketball player and now as a studio analyst on TNT (not to mention his many commercials) his face is about as ubiquitous as it gets. However, not many people know how it all started.

How Victor Cruz Became an Ambassador for the First NYFW: Men's

Victor Cruz, wide receiver for the New York Giants and the best-dressed player in the NFL, is also an ambassador for the first-ever men's-only New York Fashion Week, the four-day event this summer that's finally recognizing that there's more than enough great men's clothing coming out of New York (and, by extension, America) to warrant a fashion week just for us.

The Washington Post
BrotherSpeak: Exploring rage after Ferguson

Through the voices of African American men, The Washington Post unpacks the anger expressed by tens of thousands nationwide in the wake of the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Tamir Rice. ( )
How to Run a Successful Organic Restaurant

The popularity of organic foods and the restaurants that serve them has skyrocketed in recent years. A once niche market is now a burgeoning billion-dollar industry. Though demand is growing, running an organic restaurant is not easy. Organic foods are intrinsically more expensive than processed foods, driving up a restaurateur's costs.

Bleacher Report
One-and-Dones Aren't CBB's Biggest Problem

It's that time of year again. Days are longer, weather is warmer and the "stay in school" mafia has its bullhorns shined and ready to go. You know about these people, right? Every year, in a ham-fisted attempt to extend the amateur careers of college basketball players, they do their best to shame young men away from million-dollar salaries.

Christian Laettner on Why He Inspired So Much Hate

I Hate Christian Laettner, the latest entry in ESPN Film's "30 for 30" documentary series, highlights the storm of animosity surrounding the Duke University basketball standout more than two decades after he left for a far less divisive NBA career.

A Team Deferred

How the Sixers' bizarro strategy of losing threatens to damage the entire league. On May 26, 2012, the Philadelphia 76ers sparred with the Celtics in Game 7 of the second round of the Playoffs. The game itself ultimately exposed the Sixers as pretenders, but still, they made it to the Elite 8.

Is NBA Style Redefining Masculinity?

After Russell Westbrook and Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley both rocked all red everything to their Game 1 post game media sessions, a reporter excitedly asked Westbrook what he thought of their matching ideas. Westbrook replied "no comment," and knowing Westbrook's penchant for answering "clown questions" in the past, his response was tame.
Kyrie Irving And The Death Of The Ghetto Superstar

While Black America debates whether or not we are "post" anything-black/bougie/modern/racial-what's not up for discussion is whether or not we are post-ghetto. That answer is a resounding "HELL NO." That debate isn't even on the table, it's not cooking in the kitchen, the groceries haven't even been bought yet.
There Are No Good Answers To The Syria Question

The question is, did President Obama do enough last night to convince the American populace that military intervention - even a slight one - is the right move? Though the initial burst of analysis is a mixed bag, it's too early to tell exactly how this speech resonated.

True Lies | SLAMonline

Originally published in SLAM 110 by Khalid Salaam Look at the photos above. What do you feel? Don't think, I said feel. Who are you drawn to? Why? Who would you rather watch? Who would you rather play against? Who would you root for? Don't think, I said feel.
President Obama, Spying And Government Distrust

If you're someone who harbors any conspiratorial concerns about the overreach of the federal government, last week qualifies as your worst-case scenario. Or at least, the first official steps towards whatever this theoretical worst-case scenario might look like. You don't even have to be a well-read, scholarly type to be concerned about what's going on.
TSL Co-Sign: Nike Air Max 1

Truth is, the Air Max 1 has gotten a raw deal. Everybody knows it's a dope shoe and yet, we always treat it with second-class acknowledgment. It's a condescending tone type of thing, where we always discuss the shoe in conjunction with its obvious descendent.

Adi Daddy | SLAMonline

Ever since KICKS 3 (summer 2000), each issue of the annual sneaker mag-KICKS 10 not included-has contained two or three new inductions into the KICKS Hall of Fame, where footwear legends past and present are honored.