Kevin Little

Writer/Editor/Communications Strategist

United States

As an award-winning Communications Expert, I leverage creativity, business acumen and industry expertise to develop media relations/communications initiatives that improve corporate image, consumer choice and market share. I use the power of language to generate positive press coverage, work with executives to define messaging/talking points and position companies for industry awards and recognition. And I excel in developing multiplatform content that aligns well with corporate vision and represents the operations with one consistent brand voice.

I recently completed a successful 27-year run at Turner Broadcasting, where I served as Public Relations Editorial Director, promoting some of cable's most popular shows. I am now actively looking to take on my next challenge in communications. If you know of opportunities that align well with my skill set and experience, I invite you to connect with me.

Press Release: The Experience Is Everything at Turner Upfront 2017

This is a good example of the kind of "all-in" press releases I drafted for Turner's presence at big trade events. Writing it required extensive cross-functional collaboration with the individual network communications teams, as well as the sports and ad sales communications teams. I also worked closely with Turner's domestic communications officer on the overall corporate messaging.

Press Release: TBS & TNT reimagine the viewing experience with major digital and mobile upgrades

With the rapidly shifting media landscape and emerging technologies, I have frequently been called upon to take complex concepts and boil them down into easy-to-understand language. This press release about TBS and TNT's digital platform upgrades was particularly challenging because of the numerous stakeholders (e.g. branding, digital design, affiliate relations, etc.) and tricky technical jargon.

Press Release: Kevin Reilly joins Turner Broadcasting

This is an example of the kind of high-profile, executive-centric press announcements I have written. I worked closely with Kevin Reilly to perfect the language in the release, especially the biographical information. The release also required a good understanding of the business complexities surrounding the job duties and expectations.

Press Release: Kevin Reilly unveils TBS/TNT vision

This press release was especially difficult, because it had to explain Kevin Reilly's vision of the networks in a way that moved the story forward but didn't lock us into decisions that might change down the line. This was also another case in which I worked closely with Reilly to get the language just right in reflecting his vision.

Press Release: TBS's "The Detour" opens at the top of cable's comedy charts

As the lead on communications strategy for announcing ratings performance for TBS and TNT, I wrote countless ratings releases. This is is a good example of a press release written right after a big series premiere. The release also shows how show's success plays into the larger narrative of the TBS rebrand.

Press Release: Turner and Refinery29 announce strategic equity investment

This press release about Turner's equity investment in Refinery29 demonstrates my ability to write about major business initiatives. It required extensive collaboration not only with Turner's TBS/TNT, corporate and development communications teams but also with executives and PR reps from Refinery29.

Press Release: TNT renews "Southland"

One of my favorite writing projects for Turner was this unique announcement about the season 5 renewal of "Southland," a show I absolutely adored. Since a typical press release wouldn't allow me to wax poetic about the show, I decided to write this announcement as a memo from Michael Wright, former president and head of programming for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). I later repurposed much of the language when we submitted the series for a Peabody Award, which it subsequently won.

Blog Post: If It's July (or January), It Must Be TCA

This blog post offered the opportunity not only to write in a more casual, fan-centric tone, but also to cover a star-studded, "all-in" event that spanned multiple divisions of the company.

Movie Review: Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai" (1954)

This is a short review of Akira Kurosawa’s "Seven Samurai" (1954), my personal choice for the greatest film ever made. I originally wrote it for Turner Classic Movies' Movie Morlocks website, timed to coincide with my appearance on the network introducing the movie with TCM host Robert Osborne. When the Movie Morlocks website ended, I re-posted it on

Longform Feature: The Pilgrimage - Five Days in the Desert

In 2005, my partner and two friends of ours packed up and headed for the Black Rock Desert for an unforgettable, life-changing event called Burning Man. Throughout the trip, I took copious notes about our travels and experiences. Those notes then served as the basis for this long-form feature that acts as both a personal testimonial and a primer for the uninitiated.